Coca-Cola confirms cyberattack and launches investigation

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest soft drink maker, confirmed in a statement released recently that the company’s related networks had been attacked and an investigation into the attack has been launched.

The ransomware gang Stormous claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it successfully breached the company’s servers and stole 161GB of data.

The attackers posted caches of their stolen data for sale on leaked websites, demanding a ransom of 1.65 bitcoins (about $64,000).

Among the data listed are compressed files, text files with administrators (admin), emails and passwords, company ledger and payment zip files, and other types of sensitive information.

About the Stormous Gang

While they claim to be a ransomware gang, there is currently no indication that they have deployed file-encrypting malware in their victims’ networks. Stormous, more of a data extortion group, has said it will take action against Russian hacking after Russia invaded Ukraine.

This is the first time the Stormous gang has publicly released the stolen dataset. Last week, the gang organized a vote among its followers to decide who to target for the next attack. In the end, Coca-Cola “won” the vote with 72 percent of the vote.

The gang said they breached the company in just a few days. The attack methods include: denial of service attack, hacker attack, software source code and client data leakage.


It is worth mentioning that in the vote organized by Stormous, Coca-Cola and other victimized companies chose to take an anti-Western position.

Previously, the gang claimed to have attacked Epic Games. They claim to have stolen 200GB of data and information from 33 million users of the Epic store and games. However, the veracity of these figures has not been confirmed, so these claims by Storm have yet to be further verified.

The Coca-Cola Company has yet to confirm that their data was stolen. In an interview with the media, the head of the company said that it is currently working with law enforcement to conduct an investigation into the so-called Stormous gang attack. So far, the attack has not shown any significant negative impact.


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