TOP 5 New Games for All Ages

Want to unwind after a busy day at work? A few hours of playing a computer game will help you take your mind off your worries and relax. Tired of familiar shooters, arcades, and puzzles? We offer you the TOP 5 new products for all ages on Game Karma!

Hidden Lands

If you don’t like to run, shoot, or overcome obstacles with time limits, this game will surely appeal to you. Here, gamers are waiting for interactive maps filled with puzzles.

First, you need to choose one of the proposed locations. After that, it becomes available in a three-dimensional format, and you can view it from any angle. The main task of the player is to find differences between two seemingly identical locations.

After all the different areas are selected, the level is counted, and you can move on to the next one. Points are awarded for each win.

Heroball Adventures

Arcade games will never lose popularity. The protagonist is a cute emoticon that Game rolls over the surface. According to the laws of the genre, he needs to overcome the location and get to the final point. Along the way, he will meet many obstacles, all of which must be overcome.

Monsters become opponents of the main character, who prevent him from passing the level. In addition to fighting enemies, the player needs to free other emoticons from traps and collect scattered bonuses.

Police Drift & Stunt

Racing simulators are popular with both adults and children. But classic competitions are no longer so interesting for players. They are replaced by more dynamic and exciting projects, among which is Police Drift & Stunt Games.

At the disposal of the user is a powerful police car with many functions. There are no restrictions: you need to ride around the city, drift, and perform various tricks on the jumps. The more effective your movement around the city, the more points you can get.

If you want to relax, the duck simulator will come to the rescue! You need to explore a spacious cozy lake and collect ducklings, which should be brought to their own nest. They are located in different parts of the reservoir, which means that you will have to circle a lot.

Ducklings are easily distracted by other birds passing by. The player needs to combine as many ducks as possible in his group to receive bonus points. Another important task is to keep their attention so as not to lose the birds on the way home.


Do you like zombie apocalypse survival games? Welcome to the realm of the walking dead!

There are no easy walks and respite. Only crowds of monsters, only hardcore. The course of the game depends on your every action. One awkward move — and the zombies will turn you into the same as they are.

The main character is a military man who is in a territory filled with the dead. He needs to not only survive but also save other wounded soldiers. The more people you manage to save, the easier it will be to fight the ruthless monsters.