Learn All About Lost Ark Sorceress – A Complete Guide.

As we all know, Lost Ark, released in the West on February 11, 2022, currently has five main classes (Assassin, Gunner, Mage, Martial Artist and Warrior). These classes expand to 15 advanced classes once the player reaches a certain level in the game. Each of these classes will be associated with other classes.

The Sorceress is a powerful mage class and is one of the most popular classes in the game. Her abilities are punchy (with Fire/Ice/Lightning magic), look great, and she has a lot of viability in PvE and PvP. She is a ranged damage dealer with excellent area effect attacks, and all enemies will be terrified when facing her. Where Lost Ark really shines is how well it plays out each class, and the sorceress has some of the most impressive-looking moves this side of the Artillerist.

As a prestige Mage class, all of her spells cover a wide range of fire, frost and lightning and the occasional shutdown of gravity or the creation of large crystal bombs. If Lost Ark’s gorgeous attack animations have drawn you to play, starting the journey with the sorceress is a great option.

But everything has two sides. While her abilities are outstanding, some of the flashy animations are very slow. She’s locked in place when she casts her spell, and since she doesn’t have enough armor to take a hit, enemies she ignores may seize the opportunity to kill her with one blow. In view of this, players had better buy Lost Ark Gold before the battle to get really useful defensive props to equip on the sorceress to improve her survivability in battle.

The identity skills of the sorceress also play an important role.

Identity Skills 1: Mitigating that potential slowness

Arcane Rupture. It unleashes a wave of damage and puts the sorceress into an enhanced magic state, ie, for 15 seconds, her spell channeling time is halved and damage done is increased by 10%. Arcane Rupture usually consumes 30% of her specialty meter (It called “Mysterious Magick Meter” or AKA identity gauge), but if used when the meter is 100% full, it becomes an Arcane Torrent, increasing spell damage 20%, reduces the cooldown of all activities by 25%, increases the damage/weakness bonus of fire spells, and increases the stagger bonus of lightning spells. It improves everything she’s good at and still cuts channel time in half.

Identity Skills 2: Blink

It is a teleportation skill that also requires 30% of the meter. That doesn’t seem impressive by comparison, but since her sprint has an 8-second cooldown, player needs to use another way to get out of danger. It’s so useful that in PvP, Lost Ark adjusted Blink to consume 45% of the meter, just to prevent the sorceress from ducking to safety if a deathblade gets close to them.

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds – Know One By One

Learn All About Lost Ark Sorceress - A Complete Guide. 1

Based on her two mutually exclusive class engravings, Sorceress has two main builds, Igniter and Reflux.

  • Igniter halves Arcane Rupture’s cooldown and increases critical strike chance and critical strike damage for the duration.
  • Reflux always provides full bonuses to her spell damage and cooldown rate while completely preventing her from using Arcane Rupture.


After playing with players for a long time, we can find that Igniter is the more attractive and more popular of the two. It encourages a burst damage playstyle where you can save your identity skill for the right moment and relax.

When in a white room simulation, an Igniter sorceress is much more powerful than the steady Reflux sorceress. In reality, during the Igniter’s brief window of pyrotechnics, it was easy for the bosses to seize this time to avoid the oncoming attack.


A Reflux sorceress always deals continuous damage, and thanks to the reduced cooldown, you don’t have to worry about remembering skill rotations. We can cast reactively a Reflux sorceress, casting whatever the situation requires, as her stack of spells is readily available.

While Lost Ark has internalized every boss mode top player does better with an Igniter, Reflux is the smarter choice for most of us. You’ll be more flexible and use Blink whenever you want, instead of skimping on your meter because you can save it for 15 seconds when you’re really having fun and being useful. Also, A Reflux sorceress isn’t as reliant on an astonishing ping, and is more forgiving of spells that occasionally miss their target due to lag.

All of the above is everything you need to know before playing Lost Ark Sorceress. If you want more practical guides to Lost Ark, then you can follow IGGM.com to do just that.

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Learn All About Lost Ark Sorceress - A Complete Guide. 2
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