5 Sports Blogs You Should Read in 2022

Sports is the only entertainment medium that is hard to find someone has no interest in. Whether it is football, cricket, or rugby, all sports play an important role in uniting the world and celebrating as festivals as tournament happens. People around the world love to watch and play different sports and also take an interest in sharing news related to their favorite games and players.

So here, we have mentioned some best sports blogs you should read in 2022. These websites will provide you with the latest updates on players and sports played worldwide.

Benefits of Following Sports Blogs

You can access Sports news sites to see the highlights straight from your sitting couch. On the other hand, you have to wait at least one day to grab a piece of news through newspapers. TV channels provide instant news provided that you are staying at home or waiting for the news bulletin at a specific time.

In comparison, Sports blogs are the source to which you can access all the news directly by your phone in no time. Dedicated sports blogs update themselves consistently and deliver a variety of information related to players, game events, tournaments, awards, and a lot more.

Now, let’s go through the five best sports blogs that work hard to provide relevant information about your favorite sports. But before we do, you can check the football livescore on buaksib.com.

Top 5 Best Sports Blogs to Bookmark in 2022

1) Football Paradise

This blog was started in the summer of 2008 founded by GaurangManjrekar, and its headquarter is situated in Mumbai. It is an association football blog covering all the future articles related to European football.

The website is available in the English language and contains articles on the culture of football, world cup news, and reviews of different sportsbooks. It also contains interviews with world football celebrities and investigative articles.

Football Paradise is one of the prestigious sports blogs that has achieved awards in various fields. It has been awarded the Best International Blog In 2016 and 2018. In the same year, in 2016, it won the Judges’ Choice award as well.

2) Sky Sports

Sky Sports blog is managed by British Subscription Sports Channel and operated by the Satellite Pay Television company. It is one of the trusted websites that broadcast all sports tournaments live and TV Shows through multiple channels. Additionally, it features content on various sports like football, F1 racing, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, boxing, and tennis. Sky Sports also covers all the major tournaments, including Rugby Union, Rugby League, NFL, NBA, GAA, and MMA.

You will also get exciting videos on sports-related events and exclusive interviews with famous sports celebrities. Apart from that, they have a betting platform called Skybet, where you will find various games to place your bet and earn.

3) Sporting News

Sporting News is a US-based sports media company formed in December 2020. It was originally established in 1886 and covered news on baseball.The company shifted the whole platform into digital mode by ending printed publication in December 2012.

Now the company usually publishes the news on NFL, NBA, Soccer, Boxing, Golf, and F1 race. Besides, you will get the latest updates on various sports events and interviews with famous sportspeople. You will also find the history of sports mentioned above and purchase tickets for upcoming matches.


TalkSports is a blog of the sports radio station launched as Talk Radio UK in 1995. This website contains audio content on live sports commentary, sports discussion with famous sportspeople, sports phone-ins, and news articles.

This blog is a complete package for sports lovers containing information about various sports like football, boxing, and MMA and updates with the latest news. Additionally, it has scheduled information on live matches and catchup of interviews of sports players that are broadcasted live on radio.

Apart from accessing sports news, you can bet on all types of sports like boxing, MMA, motorsports, cricket, wrestling, tennis, golf, horse racing, and Rugby Union. TalkSports is the only website that provides platforms like Big5 games for betting on 5 premier leagues and rewards up to £5k. To join the game, you needs just £5.

In addition, it gives the latest updates on all the upcoming competitions & events related to famous sports. You can even buy your tickets directly from this website. Going ahead, you access their shopping portal with a great collection of sports articles and famous books.

5) The Athletic

The Athletic is a subscription-based sports blog launched in January 2016 and owned by The New York Times Company. They publish sports-related news coverage on local and national tournaments of several sports events and tournaments happening in 47 North American cities and the games of the United Kingdom.

This blog publishes news articles about various tournaments and league matches organized and watched by the people in the world. They provide all the required information on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, and much more.

The Athletic consistently publishes the latest news on various events and exclusive interviews of players. They provide the latest news every hour to get the engagement of the maximum audience on their platform. 

Additionally, the Athletic also offers to bet on various sports like Olympics, motorsports, MMA, boxing, and golf. The fantasy football game is also available to bet on various tournaments and a chance to earn real money. To predict you in betting, they show the real-time score of the ongoing matches.

Bottom Line

In this fastest-growing world, people want instant updates straight on their phones just with one click. People love to watch sports and want to stay up-to-date regarding their favorite games and sportsperson. To help you out, we have provided the best 5 sports blog you should read in 2022 that delivers the right information from different angles.

All these websites present the latest sports news and exclusive interviews of famous sports personalities. They also contain the latest updates on various events, broadcast live matches, and show the real-time score of ongoing tournaments on their website. And if you take an interest in betting, they have a different portal to fulfill your needs.

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