8 Photo Editing Tricks if You are in a Hurry

In this fast-paced industry, getting the right photos can be crucial– but editing them while battling the clock is another story. Here are some photo editing tricks to make your pictures stand out, even if you’re beating the clock! Armed with the tricks of the trade, several photographers have mastered the art of touching up a photo with just a few easy steps, especially if you’re in a massive hurry.

Fix your pictures while shooting

While shooting photos, you can already see which images need to be post-processed thoroughly and which ones just need a few tweaks. The key is to minimize the images that need major edits and, instead, adjust the camera’s settings to save time. It will give you more time to post-process other photographs or to shoot more scenes.

Develop a system for image storage

It’s not exactly a secret that most photographers have trouble finding their photographs after uploading them to the cloud. To save time, you create your filing system to categorize photos. This way, finding and editing your photos will be more efficient, and in turn, your storage will be managed as well.

Utilize the Import and Export tools

To do this, you must have trusty photo editing software, like Adobe Lightroom. This software has the Import and Export tools, which helps photographers edit their photos’ data. You can edit your photos’ metadata for the Import tool, such as its title and the copyright information. Meanwhile, the Export tool allows you to rename your images and sharpen them.

Handpick images for post-processing

If you have a trove of images in your camera after a shoot, it is best to handpick the photos that you will edit in advance and even delete some of them immediately. You can employ a system, such as placing flags or stars in the images while they’re in the Lightroom, so you can easily identify which photos cut.

Use keystrokes

To speed up your editing, you can use keyboard shortcuts applicable in Lightroom. These include the Command/Ctrl + U = Auto Tone and the G = Enter Grid View in Library Panel. This will help you minimize the buttons you have to press and the functions you have to find.

Apply Auto for quick fixes

Using the Auto feature will just tweak a few adjustments instead of editing the photo from scratch. Through this, the Lightroom will enhance the picture for you, but you still have the freedom to make adjustments suitable to your liking.

Create presets

Presets can aid you in achieving the aesthetic look without exerting too much effort in editing. To create a preset, you can apply your selected adjustments to the image and then click the “+” sign in the presets panel in the develop module. Afterward, click Create Preset. You can make your own presets or download them from the internet.

Try batch-editing

Batch-editing, from the word itself,  refers to editing images by groups. When editing photos with similar lighting or colors, you may want to edit them in batches to save time. You can start by editing one shot, click Edit>Copy, and click all the settings you want to copy. Afterward, select an unedited image and then click Edit>Paste.

It might seem intimidating to do at first, and whether you’re trying to beat a deadline or to post an important photo story, the editing process cannot be half-baked. These tips will help you establish a faster post-processing workflow and still ensure quality photos– all in a short amount of time!