YouTube Collabs: 5 Tips for a Video Project

Organic YouTube growth may take time and patience. But, this strategy helps build a dedicated audience that will stay by your side through thick and thin. Quite literally!

So, in this article, we’ll talk about one of the best ways to increase reach organically – collaborations. Also called collabs, these are small-term partnerships between different creators in which they shoot a video for mutual benefit. However, none of the creators pay or exchange anything.

The video project is completely free and done through combined efforts. Its purpose is to help all the involved creators grow and gain subscribers from each other’s audiences. Well, let’s not take any more of your time and unravel the 5-best tips to create a video project for YouTube collab!

1.  Find Creators of Your Level & Niche

There’s no point trying to collaborate with people with massive subscriber counts. For example, if your channel has 1000-subscribers, and you reach out to someone with 1-million subscribers, it wouldn’t make sense. 

You will obviously benefit from the collaboration, but the person will get nothing. And so, the chances are that the person will deny your offer. Thus, it’s important to find creators who have the same audience size as yours. 

Also, do not forget to check the niche. People will feel confused if they see creators from two different niches collaborating together. It will not be relevant.

2.  Plan Ahead

The world is busy, and nobody has the time to spend valuable hours in lengthy discussions. So, instead of sending out blank messages to someone, take your time to lay out a proper plan. 

What is your objective for the video project? Do you have any ideas? Go through some famous collabs for inspiration and create points that you would want to propose to the creator. 

Also, decide the style of collaboration. Would you like to meet with the creator and shoot different videos? Or a single video with both the creators would be better?

Some YouTubers prefer to do channel takeovers. Both will create separate videos that will get published on each other’s channels.

3.  Create a Persuasive Email

Once everything is clear, work on the email that you will send to the potential collaborators. Please do not send casual, informal, or over-friendly messages. Although it’s important to let your personality shine through, doing so can reduce the chances of successful first-time collaborations. 

Most YouTubers will prefer someone with a professional and responsible attitude. So, create a semiformal email that discusses the collaboration proposal in detail. Mention your ideas and objectives. 

Ask what the creator thinks, or is there something they can add to make the project better. Also, keep your tone persuasive and talk about the benefits to both the creators. You would not want to give the impression as if you’re the only one gaining.

4.  Set Deadlines Mutually

YouTube video projects can take considerable time to execute. First, you need time to arrange resources and shoot the video. Then, there’s time that goes into editing and finalizing the content.

It may occupy a few days to weeks. So, discuss availability with your collaborator and mark the convenient dates on a calendar. Remember to follow these deadlines strictly if you want to complete and publish the videos on time.

5.  Market the Collab on Social Media Platforms

Once the video is up on YouTube, do not forget to promote it on social media platforms. Doing so can help increase awareness about your channel and even drive engagement. However, it’s wise not to upload the complete video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform.

It’s because if people watch it there, they won’t go to your channel and explore it. The chances of converting all those potential subscribers will reduce drastically. So, a better strategy would be to share a short teaser.