The Top Benefits of a Charter School

Charter schools are run independently of the state-run school system. Although these schools fall under the same academic and quality standards, charter schools are able to tailor curriculums and offer programming that is more flexible than the traditional school system. Charter schools are still connected to the state system but classes and options for education greatly differ. Like state education, these schools are then broken down into districts such as the California charter school system. 

Charter schools offer a myriad of reasons to attend. From flexible scheduling to engaging content, students and parents can find a program that works for them. Nearly 2 million students nationwide attend charter schools as the interest in more adaptive programming continues. Parents are able to find options that align with their own educational ideals and for students with busy schedules, there are options for those committed to extracurricular activities that require large time commitments. California charter schools offer homeschooling support and in-person classes. 

There are a number of reasons to choose a charter school. Let’s explore what these benefits are a little further. 

Flexible Scheduling

For students that are involved in competitive sports or advanced music programs, traditional school schedules can oftentimes be hard to adhere to. California charter schools offer Venture Online learning that allows for the utmost flexibility in education. Students can log on whenever (and wherever) they choose. This means they can access their learning modules when it suits them and still receive a quality education in the process. Through the Keys Career Prep programming, students can study independently and set check-ins with their instructors to make sure they are on track to ask any questions. This allows students to set their own pace when it comes to learning materials. 

Program Variety

Education shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. By allowing students and parents to decide what kind of programs they want, children will feel more involved in shaping their education. Whether your family wants to homeschool or attend in-person lessons, there is a program for you. Parents who conduct homeschooling will be able to access the California charter school supports available to plan out lessons and subject matter. Students looking to attend in-person academies can choose whether they want to attend 5-days a week or find an academy that offers 2-3 days a week. It’s not all or nothing when it comes to charter schools, they are built to meet the needs of a variety of lifestyles. 

Quality Education

Although charter schools are not run by the state they are mandated to uphold the same standard and quality of education. Students will be expected to pass testing and maintain their grades. Many students and parents find that through the autonomy and encouragement provided by charter schools, children are able to find a pace to their studying that wasn’t possible in traditional settings. Students are supported to find what works best for them. 

Small Classes

Unlike traditional schools, California charter schools offer small class sizes across their programming. This allows for more one-on-one attention. Students who may feel more introverted will still receive the same support as other students who might have faced challenges in a large classroom setting. Small classes also mean that students get to know one another and can act as a support system. Children will have more opportunities to ask questions and understand the materials being covered. 

Career Pathway Support

Springs Charter Schools offer a number of programs that will help lead students to their desired career path. From internships to programs and workshops, California charter schools aim to help students reach their long-term goals. Intern placements have helped students gain a better understanding of their desired career path as well as future employment opportunities. This real-world experience is unlike any other program available for students in traditional schooling. 

California charter schools offer engaging and adaptable programming. Children of all ages require flexible educational opportunities and Springs Charter Schools have created a variety of programs that meet so many different needs. Both students and parents will find the options are diverse and exciting. Whether your children train in high-level sports or excel in the performing arts, you will find a program at Springs Charter Schools that can suit your schedule and needs. From online to in-person, there is a program that will be right for you and your family. School doesn’t have to be so rigid, it can be flexible, fun and engaging. Take a look at the programs on offer and see what makes sense for you and yours.