Project Galaxy Coin raised on listing where you can buy this?

Cryptocurrency is not a new phenomenon of investment. It is the new age investment model and allows for better investment scheming. Many investors across the globe are finding this investment model easy to adopt. Along with cryptos, the underlying technology has also gained investor interest. There are tech websites that tackle the understanding of bitcoin transactions and their benefits.

All cryptocurrencies make use of blockchain technology and a decentralized finance model. Using blockchain technology every crypto transaction breaks down to individual units. Each unit of transaction is then assigned a unique ID. It is then stored on a public ledger accessible to everyone. 

Ethereum and its underlying blockchain framework

ETC is the native token developed on the Ethereum network. The technology gained immense attention and popularity for its scalability. The platform is also flexible and provides for easy transactions using cryptos. 

What is Project Galaxy?

The Project Galaxy is another underlying tool developed on the Ethereum blockchain. In simple terms, it is the largest Web3 application and credential network. The Web3 application allows for easy interaction between many networks. Both these work in sync to enable personalized web page creation. 

Features of Project Galaxy (GAL)

There is an open and collaborative infrastructure supporting developers. It allows all Web3 developers to easily leverage the currently existing network. There is easy access to user credentials. It allows users to build better communities and products within the user networks. It also allows for better access to user networks using user credentials. 

Other than the above, let us also look at other features of GAL. 

Ability to grow a decentralized exchange

Yes, Project Galaxy helped the growth of the decentralized exchange. Named Hashflow, this exchange currently has an average user of between 3000 to 13000. The platform makes use of user credential-based non-fungible tokens. This token is also known as Hashbot genesis. This token is accessible by all Hashflow users. At the time of writing this article, Hashflow has already generated more than 20k NFTs. the average trading volume of this token ranges from $20 to $600 million. 

Programmable governance module

GAL collaborated with BNB to develop the governance module. It developed its own NFT badges and distributed them to committee members. Each of these user holders was able to customize the governance module.

Growth of ecosystem

Project Galaxy was able to support the growth of another system within the ecosystem. It partnered with another crypto known as Solana. The partnership enabled more than 25 different protocols to achieve growth. The campaign was able to attract more than 30k+ new users to the network. 

What is the price prediction of GAL?

The Binance launch pool will officially launch the Project Galaxy on its platform. The launch is expected in May 2022. As per current plans, the trading of GAL tokens may be undertaken in pairs. That is an investor can buy tokens in a combination of GAL with BTC or GAL with BNB. 

The token has seen impressive growth in the last few days. The token can solve real-time problems along with other protocols as well. The growth charts suggest that this token will witness considerable growth. The token has also prioritized its growth with major partnerships in the network. 

The price prediction of this token is impossible in the current scenario. But, the future seems to be better benefits and return on investment.

How to buy Project Galaxy?

Today, each GAL price sells at $5 per token. As an investor, you can choose to buy GAL at reduced transaction fees from any popular exchanges. 

As an investor, you may follow the below steps to buy GAL.

Popular exchanges like Binance or Coinbase can help in buying cryptos. These exchanges allow or act as a gateway enabling buying of cryptos. But before going ahead, the primary step is to go ahead and create an account with any of these exchanges. 

Create an account with the Binance app. You may create your account using your registered email and phone number. Once the KYC is complete, the registration process is complete. 

Post KYC verification, you can choose to buy the product. Buy Crypto option in the exchange allows you to navigate and buy the required quantity. 

For payment completion, your investor can use debit, credit card, or direct payment. You may also choose to pay directly using your bank account. In this volatile crypto market, it can be tough to make decisions on trades. That’s why bitcoinprofit has your back!