A Buyer’s Guide To Eternity Rings: Everything you Need To Know

Eternity rings have been used to symbolize eternal love and life for a long time. The diamonds on the ring are in an endless circle around the finger, which gives it the name and representation of eternity. It is also a perfect gift to give someone you love or value to show them how much they mean to you.

However, shopping for eternity rings is not easy. The ring is made of small diamonds, which could be costly if not picked by the right jeweler. The diamond grade may not necessarily be the highest, but a good jeweler will know how to work around that to give you an affordable and valuable ring. Below are a few things you need to know about eternity rings and how to buy the best ones.

Everything To Know About Buying An Eternity Ring

When To Give an Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are a symbol of continuity. It could be love, life, friendship, or any other feeling or situation that is meant to last forever. Therefore, eternity rings can be anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, or gifts to a new mother. Whatever the reason, giving someone an eternity ring represents everlasting commitment or love to them.

It is a romantic way of reassuring your loved ones or renewing your vows when you get married. Therefore, an eternity ring is more special than any other ring you can give someone. It creates a lasting impression of love and commitment.

Different Diamond Cuts in Eternity Rings

Buying the right eternity ring for a loved one depends on their taste in jewelry and the shape and style they like. Most people are likely to appreciate a diamond eternity ring because of the value attached to diamonds. You cannot go wrong with a diamond ring. If you go for a diamond ring, different cuts determine the shape of the stone on the ring. 

The most common cuts for eternity ring diamonds are the round cut, the princess cut, and the baguette cut. Round diamonds are quite popular as they sparkle sensationally and have a beautiful classic look on the finger. 

Princess cuts have a square shape that makes them look elegant and form a seamless band. The last common category of diamond cuts is the baguette cut, which has extra texture and a vintage appeal. The choice is yours, depending on which cut strikes you the most.

The Styles of The Ring

You can either buy a full eternity ring or a half eternity ring. A half- eternity ring will have gemstones on half the band, making it cheaper and easier to resize. The price, however, is highly dependent on the type of stone you choose and the carat weight. 

The design is fluid. You can choose to have similar stones in size and shape or alternate them to have any design you want. On the other hand, the full eternity ring has stones all around the ring. It is luxurious and has a more conspicuous sparkle than other rings. The downside to full eternity rings is that you cannot resize them. 

However, most jewelers will be happy to exchange the ring for you if it does not fit. The calls are also quite pricey because of the many stones around the ring. Find a workaround with a good jeweler and get a high-quality full eternity ring at a reasonable price.

The Metal Type of The Eternity Ring

The most precious metals you can choose for an eternity ring are gold and platinum. The choice is highly dependent on the style and other rings that the wearer will wear. For example, if the wedding ring has the traditional yellow gold color, it only makes sense to match the jewelry by buying an eternity ring in the same color. If most of her jewelry is white gold or platinum, she will appreciate an eternity ring in the same color. 

It is also essential to consider carat weight when buying the ring. Matching the carat with other rings worn on the same hand ensures no ring scratches on the other. Once you pick the suitable metal, the ring will be a timeless piece symbolizing eternal love for your partner.

The Price of Eternity Rings

The cost of an eternity ring is entirely up to you. Come up with a budget before you go out shopping. A budget will help you decide where to start looking and guide you on the purchase. You can adjust your budget based on what you like. If you have already purchased an engagement ring, you can use that to guide you on the best price to pay for an engagement ring. 

You need to see value for money when looking at the ring you bought. It could be cheaper, more expensive, or the same price as the engagement ring. Again, it all depends on the stone, metal, and the design you decide to go with.

The Ring Size to Buy

Eternity rings are tricky to buy, especially if you plan to go full eternity on the band. That is because a ring with gemstones all around it cannot be resized. Therefore, you need to know the right size of the wearer beforehand. 

The number of diamonds and the carat on the ring band will determine the cost of the ring. Also, the size of the ring will affect the price. If you get the size wrong, you could pay more while you could have paid less or less and spent more to buy the right fit.


An eternity ring is a special gift to people who mean the most to you to thank or appreciate them for being in your life. You can go wild on the design and shape but always consider what the person you want to give a ring would wish. If they love a diamond ring with stones all around the band, save up and buy a high carat full eternity diamond ring.