Imran Riaz Khan – The Super Star in Pakistani Media

You may have heard of Imran Riaz Khan, Pakistani journalist, television anchor, and YouTuber, but did you know about his background? He was born in Faisalabad and graduated from the university with a journalism degree. He pursued a career as a news anchor and has since been implicated in nearly 20 different cases. Read on to learn more about Imran Riaz Khan. And watch the video below to see why Imran Riaz Khan has been named a suspect in nearly 20 cases.

Imran Riaz Khan is a journalist

Imran Riaz Khan is a Pakistani journalist, television anchor, and YouTuber. His work has spanned the world, from Afghanistan to Syria. He has a unique perspective on many topics and has become one of the most influential figures in Pakistani media. Learn more about Imran Riaz Khan, a media maven and rising star in the country. We have all heard of Khan’s brash attitude and blunt approach to journalism.

Earlier this week, Riaz was arrested in Attock, Punjab, after which the court released him. However, police from Chawkal again arrested him outside the courtroom. Imran Riaz Khan is an outspoken critic of the Shehbaz Sharif government and is a supporter of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was removed from power in April. The journalists are not related.

Imran Riaz Khan

He is an anchorperson

Initially, Imran Riaz Khan worked as an anchorperson and journalist. In between, he worked as a news anchor for a private channel and various other TV channels. He is now the founder and anchorperson of a Youtube channel, where he posts videos. As of now, the channel has over 3 million followers. The videos are known for being revealing, but they are not free of errors.

A court in Attock ordered the arrest of Imran Riaz, who was then transferred to Lahore. However, after the court granted him bail, the police from Chawkal arrested him again outside the courtroom. The arrest, a police response to a complaint filed by Malik Mureed Abbas, cites an unspecified video on social media. CPJ could not locate the complaint or Abbas’s lawyer. The arrest warrant alleges that Riaz acted against the country’s national security and stability, and criticized state institutions.

Imran Riaz Khan

He is a YouTuber

The popular YouTuber, Imran Riaz Khan, has been under scrutiny lately after being suspended from his job at the Pakistani channel Samaa TV. He has received 650 million views and 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube. As efforts to oust the Prime Minister of Pakistan have escalated, his YouTube channel has exploded. However, neither his party nor his employer have responded to his posts.

The FBR ordered Imran Riaz Khan to pay 33 million rupees in taxes because he failed to prove that his foreign income was tax-exempt. Despite claiming that his videos were not made to earn money, the YouTuber has gained a loyal following, especially among Pakistani expats living abroad. His biggest markets are the US, UK, India, and the UAE. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also among Imran Riaz Khan’s top markets.

He has been implicated in nearly 20 cases

The accused has been pleading not guilty to nearly 20 criminal cases. He has been accused of criticising the Pakistan Army on Facebook and other social media for allegedly engaging in politics and violating human rights. He has denied any of these charges and has said that his remarks were made with good intentions. Justice Najafi responded to the plea that his client was being tried for alleged public mischief.

The petition against Imran Riaz Khan alleged malafide acts and offences that are vague and have no basis in fact. The petitioner also claimed that the judicial proceedings against him are based on vague allegations and that there is no incriminating material against him. Imran Riaz Khan was released on bail pending the outcome of the case. However, the charges were not quashed.

His arrest is illegal

A citizen from Attock, Mureed Abbas, has argued that Imran Riaz Khan’s arrest was illegal. Riaz was arrested under the suspicion of damaging the image of Pakistan’s national security agencies. Moreover, Riaz runs a YouTube channel where he posts opinion vlogs about the army, politics, and government. However, his arrest was quashed by the Islamabad High Court.

Earlier, Imran Riaz’s lawyer, Asif Afridi, filed a petition with the Islamabad High Court against his arrest. The IHC rejected the petition, saying it did not fall under its jurisdiction. But this did not deter Imran’s lawyer, who sought to file a case against police misconduct. Imran’s lawyer, Saeed Faisal, filed a petition asking the IHC to start a case against the police. The High Court gave notice to the chief commissioner of the Islamabad police. Chief Justice Athar Minallah ruled that the lawyer should take Imran’s case to the Lahore High Court.

His case will be heard in Lahore High Court

A petition has been filed by the lawyer of journalist Imran Riaz Khan in the Lahore High Court seeking a release of his client before his trial. According to the lawyer, only one FIR can be lodged for the same charge, whereas Imran was arrested in two separate cases of the same genre. The petition will be heard in Lahore High Court on July 16.

Imran Riaz’s lawyer told the LHC that he approached the court only after the FIR was registered against him. This was because he had been arrested by the police at the Islamabad Toll Plaza. Moreover, the lawyer also claimed that the police had withheld the record of the case from the LHC because they wanted to arrest Imran Riaz. During the hearing of the case, the lawyer thanked the court for hearing the case on a public holiday.