Jazz Number Check Code

If you’ve got a Jazz phone number, you’re probably wondering how to find the number. The good news is that this you can get the number using jazz number check code. The jazz number check code is works with all prepaid jazz SIM cards! It’s free to use, so you can use the code at any time. So, If you don’t know your Jazz number, there is no need to worry simply use the sim card check code. Dial *99# from your mobile phone, you will see the programmed number in the sim on your mobile screen. The use of this code is completely free of charge.

You can also check your number via SMS code. The method is following:-

1: Type “MNP” in the message box.

2: send it to 667.

3: After some time you will got your jazz number, Owner Name, CNIC Number, IMSI number and activation date.