Social Media Trends in 2022

Social media has changed our lives and will continue to do so. In this article, we’ll discuss the latest trends on the internet. Among the most notable changes in the world of social media in 2022 are: Live streaming videos, and TikTok. In addition, we’ll cover topics such as Influencer marketing and augmented reality. The future of organic social media strategies is bright, but it’s only a matter of time before the changes become more prevalent.


If you’re looking for a new social media trend, you might want to consider the TikTok social platform. This video-sharing app allows users to make videos of up to three minutes in length, making it a great fit for niches where time is an issue. However, if you’d rather make a short video, you can still use this platform as a marketing tool.

A recent report from TikTok has shed light on a number of trends that will continue to influence users. With accelerated consumer intelligence, this report highlights how brands can capitalize on these trends to grow their brand. These trends are often paired with case studies, brand trends, and notes that will help marketers create content that works. The ‘What’s Next’ culture drivers report also includes notes on hashtags and conversation growth.

Live streaming videos

Experts predict that live streaming videos will become one of the biggest trends in social media in 2022. The growth of OTT platforms is expected to drive the entire video content industry. The examples of OTT platform are Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, CuriosityStream, and Pluto TV.The rise of live streaming videos will create more opportunities for businesses to reach multiple audiences and create deeper relationships. However, there are a few key factors that need to be considered to maximize the potential of live streaming. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind.

The first step to live streaming videos is to make sure that you’ve gathered enough data and monitored the results carefully. Always remember that ROI doesn’t diminish when the stream is taking place, and it’s imperative that you monitor the results. You should also make sure to pay close attention to your analytics and format. If you’re not generating any traffic, live streaming will not be a good idea for you.

Augmented reality

In 2021, the technology was still new, but brands and users started paying attention to it. Today, more companies are investing in AR, and users are aware of the technology beyond filters and augmented reality. As the technology continues to develop and evolve, staying on top of the trend is vital for your business. Here are a few ways to use AR in your business. 1. Use it for your marketing.

One of the ways you can make your videos more effective is to use augmented reality. Facebook is already incorporating AR into their videos, and brands should follow suit. Similarly, Snapchat is using AR to allow people to try on clothes without going into a store. The technology is making shopping easier and more enjoyable, with 40% of millennials stating they would not go back to in-store shopping if the pandemic spreads.

Influencer marketing

The key to success is data-driven influencer marketing. With data-driven influencer marketing, companies can improve their performance and scale their influencer marketing efforts. Data-driven influencer marketing can be done by incorporating data into the entire process, from training to activation. Cure Media incorporates data into their influencer marketing campaigns. They use this data in all phases of the campaign to improve the results.

The influencer economy is growing rapidly, and brands are increasingly turning to influential individuals to build affinity. LTK, a global influencer marketing platform that powers Creator Commerce, has recently released a Brand Influence Forecast for 2022, based on quantitative analysis and qualitative interviews with marketers. The report also measures brand share of voice, impressions, clicks, and sales across different industry verticals. It has been cited as one of the top social media trends for 2022.

Forging connections through storytelling

The BBC is committed to innovation and needs to be more relevant to younger audiences. In addition to traditional broadcast, Gen Zs are following news via social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Creating an automated story creation tool will make it easier to produce and publish relevant snippets of information that consumers will find highly shareable. To make the most of this new tool, BBC editors and journalists should develop a story creation strategy to reach them.

The most effective way to expose a brand through social media storytelling is to tell a story. People enjoy stories and are drawn to them. A story generally has a beginning, middle, and end and conveys a moral lesson, a philosophy of human behavior, or an idea. This approach is not unique to social media, however. In the year 2022, stories will continue to be more important than ever.

Video memes

Memes are an incredibly popular way to share content on social media. According to a recent study, eighty-one percent of social media users increased their usage during a pandemic, and this trend is likely to continue well into the next decade. Memes are particularly powerful when people use them in contexts where they are relatable. These viral videos can help brands engage with their target audience, while also keeping the fun element intact.

A popular technique for creating video memes is screenshotting tweets to create a visual story. Memes are often humorous spoofs of popular culture. When created well, they can be adapted to fit context and convey a message. For example, a product promotion might involve a cat or a dog, while a video meme may highlight the latest tech innovation. The ability to customize a meme to fit a context is another advantage.