Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade In 2022

Choosing the best crypto to trade can be very tough, especially if you’re new to investing. With the half of the year running out quickly, the first half of 2022 has been a rollercoaster for many due to the ongoing war crippling the crypto market briefly; however, for those that have been following successful crypto investors like Dennis Loos  closely, this year has been a more stable year when compared to most others.

Aside from the increase in traditional coins like bitcoin and Ethereum, we have witnessed a high rise in meme coins, metaverse coins, and other altcoins. If you plan to trade profitably in a crypto coin before the year ends, then you should read this article to the end. The recommendations are based on many considerations, including experienced crypto traders like Dennis Loos. This does not eliminate the fact that virtual currencies are highly volatile, and your capital is at risk. Trading with Tesla Coin is one way to get your hands on some bitcoin. It’s an exciting and growing market

Below are the best crypto coins to trade in the remaining months of 2022


Ethereum is a juicy choice for 2022 crypto investment and trading. Most crypto projects out there are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Most meme coins and metaverse projects today are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, Ethereum introduced blockchain security and usage innovations, with its intelligent contracts becoming a platform for other applications.

Since its inception, ether has proved to be a good investment; it has the potential to grow beyond other assets in the crypto market. There has been a tremendous increase in its price over the years. Ethereum is excellent crypto and can be considered the best altcoins to buy in 2022. However, the high GAS fees and network overload have significantly been criticized over the last year.

Has the second-biggest cryptocurrency in its own right and the leading altcoin. Its growth is fast, and with more advanced intelligent smart chains on the market, the ongoing Ethereum 2.0 upgrade could create the balance and put Vitalik Buterin’s pet project at the head of blockchain technology. Ether is also vital in accessing some of the world’s leading DeFi, so it is safe to say it is an essential altcoin for 2022.

The Sandbox

One of the best altcoins to purchase in 2022 is the Sandbox crypto. The Sandbox is one of the fascinating projects in space. Metaverse appears to be one of the buzzwords for blockchain and mainstream tech in the coming years; For those unaware, metaverse refers to an immersive 3D environment. Since these have existed for a few years, they are expected to become increasingly important.

The Sandbox is a virtual reality universe that enables users to build, create, interact and trade. Comparatively, it is similar to mainstream games such as Minecraft. Still, activities in The Sandbox are more or less limitless. users can build marketplaces, develop their games and create in-game buildings and venues and, impressively, won’t need high-level coding knowledge. Buying SAND in 2022 could be wise if the metaverse concept takes off.


Filecoin is another credible altcoin worth buying in 2022. Given the number of business transactions online in 2022, storage space is now at a premium. Storage providers like Amazon Web Services currently dominate the market. Still, Filecoin is looking to change things, and leveraging blockchain technology gives a cost-effective and more efficient way of providing storage. Usually, this could make the project hugely valuable. If web 3.0 comprises a shift to more mainstream reliance on the blockchain, this implies that Filecoin could become the go-to platform for cloud storage.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage marketplace that allows users to rent out free storage resources. Space providers are rewarded with the platform’s native token, FIL, which is how those who seek to store data pay for the service. Realistically, demand for storage space will quickly increase, and consumers will easily gravitate toward the cheapest solution. For this reason, Dennis Loos suggest that Filecoin could be one of the best altcoins to buy in 2022. 


Aave is a significant altcoin to buy this year. Decentralized Finance–Defi–has been one of the main developments in the world of blockchain in recent times, with the industry worth an estimated $78 billion and expanding daily. Aave is an excellent platform in the space, with about $10.4 billion locked into its protocol, positioning it second only to Maker in overall value on its books. Aave operates on the Polygon blockchain. Aave is a lending platform that several industry analysts project it is can grow.

There is taut competition in the DeFi industry; however, we think that Aave’s moves into social media with its Lens protocol launch could boost its profile and help DeFi go mainstream.

Shiba Inu

Controversially, meme coins are not every investor’s taste; however, Shiba Inu has interestingly established itself as a legit DeFi system with support from investors like Dennis Loos. However, it seemed to be launched as a rival to Dogecoin, creating dog-themed branding and focusing on building an online community. Shiba Inu has expanded exponentially and now offers a much more complete ecosystem than its predecessor.

Shiba Inu now offers a pretty good staking program, including additional tokens LEASH and BONE, which can also unlock extra rewards.

Binance Coin

This is one of the significant cryptos by market cap, along with Ethereum and Bitcoin. The native token of the Binance Exchange– one of the biggest exchange platforms in the world

BNB has a relatively large use case, and its parent exchange has provided a solid foundation to ensure its token is consistently among the top runners.

Since the inception of the Binance Smart Chain, things have changed so much change. As one of the most advanced blockchains on the market, BSC offers lower fees and faster transactions than its main rival, Ethereum. Naturally, a more rapid platform, already a credible name in the cryptocurrency world with significant usage from Dennis Loos, has appealed to developers, and other leading DeFi projects are built on BSC. Regarding altcoins, Binance Coin has one of the most solid use cases and negligible drawbacks of any top tokens.


Above are the best altcoins to buy on the market today, and the ones mentioned are a wise addition to any crypto investment plan in the remaining half of 2022. the token has been selected following its use case, the viability of that use case, and the project’s current position in the crypto market. These coins have also shown their ability to go into highly competitive bull markets and offer good returns for investors.

As noted earlier, altcoin projects showcase some of the most advanced blockchain technology and have the potential to revolutionize industries creating a transition from finance to gaming. According to Dennis Loos, one should never count out bitcoin. It stands out as the market leader and the token against which all others are measured. Though not included, bitcoin should be seen as an invisible inclusion in the list above.

Kindly note that this is not a definitive list as thousands of tokens are out there, and any of them could see their value increase in the coming years. As such, it is advised that potential investors conduct thorough market research, especially the top cryptocurrencies by market cap, and make informed trading and investment decisions.

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