Another bashing for crypto Babel finance halts withdrawals

crypto Babel finance halts withdrawals

Babel Finance which is Hong Kong based suspended all withdrawals along with the redemption of cryptocurrency assets temporarily. This was because this crypto lender scrambled to pay all clients after the current slump in the market of digital currency. The valuation of crypto plunged in current weeks as investors started to dump all risky assets in an environment of rising rates.

Bitcoin which reached $6900, a record high last November lost over half of all its value in 2022. This crypto market saw some huge fluctuations. Some institutions in this industry experienced conductive high-risk events. Because of the present situation, unusual pressures of liquidity are faced by Babel Finance. If you are looking for crypto trading, learn bitcoin trading a quick guide to get started.

Current market scenario

In the middle of bearish market sentiment, Babel Finance declared that it will halt withdrawals because it has been facing strange liquidity pressures. It was declared some days after Celsius the crypto lending platform paused withdrawals over what was labeled extreme conditions of the market by them.

Celsius native token’s price plummeted to $0.20 each token and more than 50%. It was after the declaration, now it started to trade at $0.57. Finbox its rival staking platform took a similar decision. It restricted withdrawals to nearly $1500 each month. It was because of its connection with Three Arrows Capital. They found themselves at insolvency speculation’s center.

Many leading exchanges liquidated the position of the funds as per a report. The market of crypto is at its lowest point from December 2020. Bitcoin narrowly traded for more than $20000 and Ether holds at $1000. The crypto market got hit by negative sentiments exacerbated by cryptocurrency lender Celsius which halted withdrawal too. Crypto lenders started to gather crypto deposits from some retail customers and then re-invest them.

They proclaimed returns in double-digit and attracted many dollars in assets. Yet the current meltdown made lenders not able to redeem the asset of their clients. Babel Finance has around 500 clients. The company serves one select clientele of around 500 customers. But the company raised around $80 million in one funding round in the last month. It was valued at $2 billion and ended in 2021 with loan balances of $3 billion on the balance sheet.

The company has been in close communication with every related party on the action it will take to best protect all customers. During such a period, not only redemptions but also withdrawals from the company’s products will be suspended temporarily. Also, normal service resumption will be separately notified.

The company that terms itself to be the leading wholesale cryptocurrency financial service provider in the world,  received a $2 billion valuation last month. It was after it completed the $80 billion Series B financing round. At last year’s end, the company was having a great loan balance of over $3 billion.

It was around $800 million average trading volume monthly in derivatives. It has also structured and traded over $200 billion in options products. From the time of the firm’s $40 million Series A funding last year May, the company grew its headcount from nearly 50 people to more than 170. It opened its new office in Singapore.


FTX said that will buy Bitvo. It is a cryptocurrency asset trading platform in Canada. It is registered as one restricted dealer under all securities laws of territories and provinces of Canada. The mission of FTX is to provide products to all worldwide customers. But the mission of Bitvo is to get Canadians new safe and secure ways of buying, selling, and trading crypto assets.

There are many ways to buy, sell and trade crypto assets with bitcoin code. There is no one-size fits all approach which means that it’s important for traders or investors who want access into this new market segment but don’t know where start their research process by learning about different platforms available online today

As one restricted dealer, the company is capable of offering crypto-asset trading services in their country. MakerDAO, which is a decentralized company and supports the stablecoin DAI, suspended this token from getting deposited as well as minted in the crypto lending platform Aave. The company voted for disabling the direct deposit module of DAI on the platform.

It will be preventing traders to borrow the stablecoin against steTH, a troubled derivative token. This organization mentioned the reason has been adverse market conditions taking place. Also, the president of Panama partially shot down one bill that regulates crypto use to buy things. The initiative will be coming with all norms adaptation that regulates their financial system.

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