How to Find The Right Real Estate Agent in Houston?

Buying and selling of a property is a big decision that involves a lot of paperwork and prompt response when an opportunity presents itself. One decision can be make or break for you. You can either pay too much for property that is not worth it or sell the house to a buyer at a lower payout. It is better to leave this task to professionals and wait for the right opportunity. We’ve compiled this piece for people looking for a realtor Houston to let them know about the process to find the right agent.

#1: Do a Thorough Research

Before signing up with an agent or a company do a thorough research on them. You can just google the name of the company and read the reviews of people that have availed their services. The credible companies and real-estate agents generally make their portfolio available on the websites. Go through their deals and understand if the realtor has experienced the type of property that you’re interested in. 

Furthermore, some popular realtors are too busy and might give you as attention as you want. So, if you’re picky about the details you would be better off with someone who is less popular and has time on the hand.

#2: Ask for Referrals

Knowing the first hand experience of a friend or acquaintance of a particular agent can help you find a better agent. These people not just know the agent but also understand your personality and the type of property that interests you. You can ask around the acquaintances who have bought a property in the same locality for referrals. This will allow you to get all the answers about realtors even before signing up for them.

#3: Talk to the Lender

Lenders often work closely with the realtors because the scope of their business often overlaps with one another. If you’re purchasing a home on mortgage, get a recommendation for realtors from the lender. This would also make the transaction smooth and easier as both parties have worked together before.

#4: Interview Multiple Candidates

Once you’ve got some recommendations, narrow them down to three to four and schedule and interview. These are the people that you’ve trusted with the most important decision of your life. Hence, it is best that both of you understand each other’s perspective. Draft some questions and ask them from the realtors and see which one of them answers them the best.