3 Harsh Facts About Long-Distance Relationships.

Sometimes we meet people in absolutely unpredictable places. Someone finds their soul mate on the next street, in the same city, in one country, and someone gets a chance to meet their loved one in another country, thousands of kilometers away.

It is quite possible that now someone will ironically remark that such relationships are unlikely to be serious, and they are unlikely to be long-term due to the large distance between people and the inability to see each other regularly. Of course, long-distance relationships require some patience, quite definite efforts, but if both people want it. everything is possible. Sometimes people live in the same city, it would seem that nothing prevents them from being happy and being together, but nothing works out, relationships deteriorate, and people disperse. Relations Blog gives more information on this topic.

Agree, after mobile phones and the Internet, along with other information innovations, actively burst into our peaceful life, it has become almost impossible to ignore “virtual” communication. Therefore, electronic dating has been added to the usual forms and types of acquaintances, which allow you to find your one and only anywhere, even on the edge of the earth. This is where the fun begins. Namely, there is an opportunity to start relationships at a distance … How tenacious (real) are such connections?

1. Too many impossible things

I think it all depends on what they are, in fact, based on. Undoubtedly, based on love, they are able to overcome any difficulties, time frames and distances. Another thing is that each of us can have his own concept of that very love. A real feeling really inspires, gives strength and a desire to cope with all sorts of problems on the way to a loved one, in particular, with the problem of “remoteness”. Moreover, the sincere penetration of a person, one way or another, pushes for rapprochement with him in all available ways.

In a word, the distance, in this situation, does not play a significant role, whether it be measured at least in thousands of kilometers, at least a few meters. Loving representatives of the human race will strive for unity in spite of all prevailing conditions, heroically experiencing “temporary inconveniences”.

2. Relationships without obligations

Another thing is when long-distance relationships are in the nature of a certain game. Which is actually pretty good too. In this case, partners, as a rule, are in no hurry to merge together. On the contrary, they may well be satisfied with this state of disunity and independence. This, in fact, is the meaning. For all that, lovers can be drawn to each other unambiguously, because no one talks about the absence of feelings, as such. This form of relationship is very convenient in our modern world of eternal employment, fuss and an endless flow of information. Relationships seem to work. On the other hand, they are of a kind of “virtual” nature, not burdening them with obligatory frequent dates, attempts to explain the two-day absence of sex by fatal labor fatigue, etc. In this on-line format, you can exist for quite a long time. For as long as it is interesting to both partners.

3. Lack of physical contact

A person draws most of the information about the world around him from non-verbal means – facial expressions, gestures, touches. In a long-distance relationship, all this is not available. This can lead to misunderstandings. Even video communication does not give such mutual understanding as physical contact.  You can find out more solutions on how to deal with this stress here.

How to save a long-distance relationship

Here are some tips on how to save your long-distance relationship:

  1. Maintain a sense of community. When communicating from a distance, use word layers. Remember what you have in common, make plans for the future. You must keep the feeling that you are one.
  2. Remember the image of your loved one more often. Look at each other’s photos on social networks. Remember how your partner’s hair smells, or what kind of hands he has. This helps to compensate for the lack of physical contact.
  3. Communicate as often as possible. Use all available forms of communication for this. Talk about little things, about your feelings, funny cases. Thus, the connection between you will not be interrupted.

It can be concluded that long-distance relationships are possible, but they still need to be supported by real communication. Purely virtual relationships, as a rule, get bored, a person begins to look for a mate somewhere closer. Therefore, if a person is really dear to you, you need to give preference to communication in real life.