In the crypto pandemic, CANDYDEX is still a big opportunity?

CANDYDEX has been considered one of the very promising cryptocurrency projects on this market. According to cryptocurrency experts, there is a prediction that the token price of CANDYDEX will be reaching an all-time high once they open their trade in this year’s coming months. They have already launched round 1 of the IDO sale of CANDYDEX with 0.1 USD. It will close on 30th June. Round 2 of the sale will begin at 0.5 USD. The users will be receiving 500X times the profit from the sale’s round 1 to round 2 and will receive 1000X for round 3. So, if you are planning to trade crypto, you may consider using a reputable trading platform like bitcoin evolution.

In these huge market fluctuations in the entire cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is trading at nearly $20, 120. The rest of every altcoin is having similar fluctuations too. Yet most of the crypto users are still investing in CANDYDEX tokens in this bearish market.

CANDYDEX officially has achieved its 9 million goals in the first round from this year’s April. The IDO sale of CANDYDEX is an opportunity in a lifetime for each user. This is because a lot of other IEO, as well as IDO tokens, got launched in that same year. Yet when it is about the IDO sale of CANDYDEX it takes a positive way and comes with a big sale.

It has created the biggest and most sustainable IDO sales globally. It included Russia, China, and the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai. They are receiving excellent responses from similar areas worldwide.

The current scenario

The crypto market enters a new cryptocurrency winter. But cryptos returned stronger after every last bear market. So violent investors need to research properly. They must search for investment chances till the time the market is bearish. According to the latest reports, the primary crypto whales have bought 48.4M CANDYDEX tokens priced at $4.84M. A cryptocurrency whale purchased 10M CANDYDEX tokens in one transaction of $1 million. According to such transactions, it can be assumed how huge this CANDYDEX will become in the upcoming days. Several big whales are seen to show interest in this token.

In the great market recession, some whales joined hands with this sale of the token. There is limited space available for this IDO sale. No one wishes to disappoint those individuals who took the time for completing the round one IDO. So it has been decided that round 1 of the IDO sale will be extended to 30th June. It means one increased 15 days. This is because of the big market dip. Initial interest proved successful. The token now notes over 160k holders as some presale investors have withdrawn their token share.

This token is the DEX on Etherscan, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avax, Fantom, and USDT. CANDYDEX is its governance token. This token’s trading will let crypto holders take part in this finance protocol’s governance and explore the space of Defi. This crypto put on MATIC similar to other DEXs, it lets cryptocurrency holders purchase in MATIC, AVAX, ETH, FTM, TRON, and BNB. This action is known to be one liquid way to exchange huge crypto amounts.

Almost 50 million of these tokens have been purchased by cryptocurrency whales. There are over 184k account holders. They have created the best DEX platform in the world using various network supports. They have a diverse ecosystem with swap, financial services, and exchange. Their team is experienced. Leaders purchased Convex Finance, Uniswap, and As an initial move, 16 % of these tokens were burnt. Reputed firms such as Audit Whale, Tech Audit, Certik, and Haze Crypto audited this token.

What height will this token reach?

If this token maintains this exact rate at which it is now growing, it will start with a great IDO price of nearly 0.1 USD in round 1 and it will become 1 USD for round 3. Everyone will be receiving a 500X profit for the price of the second round which will be nearly 0.5 USD. So if it happens, the price of the token may be jumping 1000X higher in round 3. It will probably become the biggest jump in the price this year. It will make CANDYDEX the first DEX token that attained such a valuable mark.


It can be said that what everyone is seeing now is only the start of what will be unfolding in the upcoming months. Everyone should confidently take part in the IDO sale of CANDYDEX.