The benefits of hobbies for the elderly

A hobby is any hobby, activity, or process that brings pleasure. Hobby people devote their leisure time and get pleasant impressions and emotions from the process. Its presence always has a positive effect on the general well-being of a person.

Why is it so important for people who have retired to have a hobby? Many older people become bored after retirement. It would seem that they can finally stop working and relax for their own pleasure. However, it often happens that in retirement people quickly begin to get bored. The long-awaited rest time gradually becomes torture, the days consist entirely of routine actions. The usual active schedule is replaced by calm days and evenings, so many soon after retirement begins to miss the usual daily routine and communication with many people. Because of this, older people can become depressed (more on this can be read about the causes and treatment).

Not all people understand what they would like to do in their free time, which now has become very much. Some begin to watch a lot of TV, spending days on end on the couch watching the next TV show. Of course, not everyone is ready to put up with the fact that pensioners are considered passive people with little energy and a lack of hobbies.

It’s good when older people have had a variety of hobbies before, but they didn’t have enough time. After all, now you can, without a twinge of conscience, spend at least the whole day immersing yourself in your passion with your head, completely surrendering to the process. But if suddenly the pensioner did not have such favourite activities before, it’s time to find them now. Very often, the hobbies of older people are not at all related to their professional activities and past lifestyle, as they strive to discover something new and unknown.


What influences the presence of a hobbies in an elderly person:

  1. Minimizes the presence of stressful situations in life;
  2. Raises and improves mood;
  3. Provides an opportunity to meet and communicate with new people;
  4. Helps to broaden one’s horizons;
  5. Awakens creativity promotes the development of fantasy;
  6. Gives inspiration and strength for further activities;
  7. Increases self-esteem and helps you to believe in yourself.

It is very important that an elderly person chooses a hobby himself, without imposition and coercion. Activity should bring him pleasure, emotional relief, and satisfaction not only with the result of labour but also the enjoyment of the process. It is also important to consider that a hobby should take into account the level of health and physical fitness of an elderly person, and not be too dangerous for his body.

It would be great if a hobby for an older person would involve meeting new people. After all, expanding the circle of communication means not only new people but also new emotions, impressions, as well as companions in your favourite activity. Together everything becomes more fun and interesting. And yet, the established company of people passionate about one type of activity can flow into expanding the range of interests.

Why is a hobby necessary for the elderly?

Most elderly people tend to think that old age is a time of survival. Because of this, interest in life decreases, longing and boredom begin to prevail and, as a result, health problems appear from scratch. To prevent this, being a pensioner, you need to find your favourite hobby, because with its help you can reduce stress, arouse interest in yourself, broaden your horizons, discover creative talents and improve your health, whether you are a man or a woman.

What hobbies do older men and women have?

Sports activities

If you feel enough strength and energy to master new sports, go ahead! What activities suit you best? Golf, table tennis, swimming, and cycling – these sports do not require much effort and serious preparation. However, if you feel that any physical activity is difficult for you, just go to competitions and matches, there are definitely no restrictions here. In many rest houses and sanatoriums, activities are carried out that help maintains physical fitness.

Education and intellectual games

Many pensioners (whether men or women) have such hobbies as solving crossword puzzles and playing chess. Finally, there is no need to rush anywhere and you can devote your favourite activities to at least the whole day. Slow thinking over moves is not only a pleasure but also a benefit, as it allows you to stimulate brain activity.

But if you find such activities too boring, you can do self-education. Now there are many courses for the elderly, including free ones, ranging from computer literacy to master classes in acting. There are no boundaries for perfection! If you have always dreamed of doing ballet, but there was sorely lacking time, you can start dancing in retirement.

Travel and Fishing

For retirement age, a hobby like travelling is perfect. If you don’t have enough money for tours to distant countries, you can also ride around Russia, because there are so many interesting things here! As for fishing, this is a traditional hobby for most men of any age. As for beautiful ladies, simple hikes, trips and other active activities will surely appeal to them.

Culture and art

If you are a connoisseur of beauty, then after retirement you can easily make a hobby out of visiting museums, exhibitions, theatres and concert halls or making something by hand with crafts from art supply store. If you like literature, then reading books has become more accessible than ever, because there is nothing easier than downloading your favourite works to an electronic “reader” and enjoying stories anytime, anywhere.


It is also worth recalling the photo. The ability to catch a funny or beautiful moment and capture it is a natural talent, which, moreover, helps to harmonize the emotional state and perfectly calm.

How to choose a hobby?

Even if a nursing home has become your place of residence, you will definitely be able to find an activity that will help diversify everyday life. There are plenty of fun ways to spend time in retirement as mentioned earlier, it just takes a little ingenuity to find them. And if you don’t know what you want, join a person you know – it’s much easier to arouse interest in any business in a team.

It is important not to succumb to heavy thoughts and depressive states, as well as stereotypical ideas that there is no hobby not for pensioners and old age should be spent in peace so as not to get sick. In fact, the opposite is true: the more active you are, the more intense and vibrant your life becomes.

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