Search for County Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APN)

Do you only have Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APN) on your list? APN property search On, a parcel number search is available. We handle the formatting, so there’s no need to worry.

Your private search history is preserved as usual so you may easily access it repeatedly. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Code is not required We will determine the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code for you if you just supply the state and county.

You can be certain you are dealing with the correct property because the APN will be converted into a street address that includes the owner’s name.

Utilize the County Parcel Search to verify property ownership.

You can then confirm all of the property information. about the property, such as past sales, mortgage history, and even specifics about the home and occupants. Lookup current phone numbers and addresses (when available).

Browse more than 140 million property tax records in the United States We assist our clients by providing up-to-date, accurate real estate and property data. Customers rely on our up-to-date, accurate, multi-state, nationwide property records.

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Check Ownership Information Right Away

Do you get pain when examining numerous maps, county databases, and websites of the assessors for correct data? We provide thorough property information at your fingertips, including ownership, square footage, the year the house was built, and much more. With a single click of the search button, our data sources provide you access to the most recent ownership details information.

Search for Assessor Property Address (for APN lookup)

As a service to our clients, we offer this search engine. The information on this page is all subject to change without notice. By utilizing this service in any way, the user consents to hold the County of Santa Clara, as well as anyone else engaged in maintaining, retrieving, or presenting this information, free from any damages of any kind that may result from accessing this information via the internet. Users should keep in mind that an index is a reference tool akin to a library card catalog.

Address-based search 

1. Avoid using street directions or any acronyms of them, such as “North,” “Southeast,” “West,” etc.

2. Avoid abbreviating street names or using street name prefixes like “Avenue,” “Street,” or “Way.”

3. Type the full name of the street to conduct a targeted search. For instance, a search for “Preston” would only produce results for records with that name. If you are unable to locate the appropriate property, run a generic search by cutting out the street name and adding an asterisk (*). Street names that match the reduced search will be returned. For instance, a search for “301 Pr*” 301 Preston Street, 301 President Street, 301 Pratt Street, etc., would be returned.

4. If you are still having trouble locating the house, try omitting the street number. You will be able to tell if you have the street name right even though there may be multiple matches as a result. Additionally, the owner may use a different street number from the one the local government officially allocated to the property.

Getting Online Property Information You can use these methods to find your property’s details on our real property data system. You can use the address, street name, account identity, or map reference to search the online database. The owner’s name, the town, the neighborhood, the subdivision, or the zip code cannot be searched.