Ask a Car Accident Injury Attorney: How Long Does All of This Take?

One question you may have before contacting a car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio is how much time you will need to wait before recovering your compensation. When you are facing a pile of medical bills, it is important to get through the claims submission process efficiently. Working with the right lawyer can help you avoid time-consuming errors. Most importantly, your lawyer can work to help you increase your settlement amount. 

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Ask a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in San Antonio: How Long Does All of This Take?

On average, a person who successfully files a personal injury claim in Texas can expect to receive a payout within six weeks. The best way to get an estimate on the timing of your individual claim is by booking a consultation with a personal injury attorney to discuss your accident. Some cases take less than six weeks, while others can require months or even years. Every case is unique, with factors that could lengthen or shorten the claim submission process.

What Factors Make a Case Take More Or Less Time?

If you have ample evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault, you can expect your case to resolve more quickly than it would if you were facing strong counterarguments with less evidence in your favor. Additionally, a two-car accident between your car and a privately owned vehicle is more straightforward than an accident involving multiple cars, pedestrians, ride-share cars, or government vehicles. If your accident involved any fatalities, extra time might be required for the investigation.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Resolve My Case?

The amount of time it takes you to receive a payout will depend on how quickly your case can progress through the following steps:

  • Notifying the other driver’s insurance company of their obligation to cover your damages
  • Building evidence for your case with a car wreck lawyer in San Antonio, TX
  • Reviewing any initial settlement offers you receive from the insurance company
  • Having your lawyer negotiate for more money as necessary
  • Accepting a settlement offer
  • Taking the case to trial, if necessary

The Insurance Company’s Timeline

The length of time it takes you to get compensated for accident-related expenses might depend, in part, on the insurance company’s timeline. In Texas, an insurance company has 15 days to acknowledge receipt of a claim and an additional 15 days to approve or deny it. Occasionally, they may request to extend the investigation to a maximum of 45 days.

How Do I Receive My Payout?

The Check Goes to Your Attorney

If you reach a settlement with the insurance company or get a jury verdict in your favor, a check will go to your attorney. In Texas, insurance companies must issue a payout within five business days of settling. Any delay on their part can make them subject to fines and other penalties.

Your Attorney Processes the Check

When your lawyer receives the check, he or she will process it. Lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis will take their legal fees out of the gross amount. Furthermore, if your health insurance covered your medical expenses, your policy provider might seek reimbursement out of the settlement. Any other liens on the payout, such as child support, must also be paid out by the lawyer before the balance is released.

Your Lawyer Releases the Funds

After the payout is processed, your lawyer will send you a check. The amount you receive will depend on whether or not a large percentage covered your medical expenses and if you were able to claim lost wages and non-economic damages. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering and emotional stress.

What If I Cannot Wait to Pay My Medical Bills?

Many people are concerned when they hear that it can take weeks or months to resolve their accident claim. Almost always, taking the time to construct a solid case and negotiate with the insurance company results in a much higher settlement than being quick to accept the first offer you receive. In the meantime, most people are able to ensure that their medical bills are fronted by health insurance.

If your insurance won’t cover the total cost to treat your injuries, your lawyer can write to your health providers letting them know that if they delay payment, they will recover their fees out of the settlement. If you are concerned about getting the medical bills paid in a timely manner, speak with a car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio. He or she can help you find solutions to facilitate the care you need without negatively impacting your credit.

While submitting a personal injury claim or filing a lawsuit can seem like a highly regulated process that will take a lot of time, getting the outcome you deserve is usually worth holding out for a reasonable settlement offer or a court-awarded payout. While you are pursuing your compensation, your lawyer is the best resource for information that can get you a higher payout faster.