Protect Furry Friends’ Paws and Snouts with Dog Balm

No dog owner wants to see their furry friend suffer, but it can be hard to figure out what to do about the cold and dry air in the winter. Most dogs don’t like wearing booties, and even those that do still have exposed snouts that are just as susceptible as human skin to cracking and becoming sore when the humidity drops. That’s where premium dog balms come into play.

What Is Dog Balm?

Some people refer to this product as paw balm, but when pet parents shop at, they’ll notice that it’s referred to more generally as dog balm instead. That’s because premium dog balm is good for not just cracked paws but also dried-out snouts. It contains all-natural ingredients designed to moisturize and protect not just in the winter, but all year round.

Fast Relief for Cracked Paws

Man’s best friend doesn’t need outdoor exercise only when weather conditions permit. Dog owners have to take their pups out for walks several times a day, even when it’s extremely hot or the ground is covered in snow and ice. Most dogs still love a good walk, but their paws may not fare quite as well.

In the summer, hot pavement can leave paw pads feeling dry, chapped, and painful. Just like people would apply some lotion if their skin was feeling dry, pet owners can help their pups feel better by applying dog balm. Premium products are just as helpful in the winter when ice, snow, and road salt begin to take their toll.

The best way to use dog balm isn’t to wait until after beloved pups are already in pain. It’s to put it on preventatively before heading out for walks on hot or cold days. Premium dog balm will not only restore hydration and health to a dog’s paw pads but also add an extra layer of protection to keep them in better shape year-round.

Take Care of Dry Snouts

Just like people, dogs can get chapped skin and sunburns. Because dogs’ snouts are usually the only parts of their bodies that have completely exposed skin, that’s where the majority of the damage occurs. From exposure to sunlight to drying winds or even lying next to a heat vent in the winter, there are lots of reasons that dogs may get a dry nose. Older dogs are also more prone to this issue.

The best thing dog owners can do for their furry friends after they’ve spent too much time out in the sun or have been napping near the heater vent is to apply some all-natural dog balm to their snouts. It alleviates cracking and peeling and accelerates the regeneration of healthy tissues while simultaneously providing relief from pain and discomfort. Dog balm can even help with the management of hyperkeratosis.

Dog Balm

Be Sure to Buy Natural Products

Not all doggy products are created equal, so it’s important for pet parents to pay attention to what’s in their dog balms. Look for products made with all-natural ingredients that are safe for humans as well as their furry friends, and be sure that they don’t contain anything toxic. Blended vitamins and healthy sources of oil like shea butter are great at keeping dogs’ paws and snouts hydrated and pain-free, and they don’t pose any threat to their health if ingested. Pet parents can find the perfect products online.

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