Leave it to AI: 10 Bizarre Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence

Designed to solve important problems, AI is often tasked to do strange, eccentric and at times stupid things.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can surely solve essential problems: face anti spoofing, large statistical analysis, medical diagnosing… But after sniffing around the internet, we found a caboodle of weird stuff that AI is tasked with by idle minds. Here are the top ten bizarre AI usage cases.

  1. Helping mankind to master flirting

Cyrano de Bergerac is old news: he can be replaced with Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) that can generate idiosyncratic pickup lines. A Researcher Janelle Shane taught four iterations of GPT-3 to write compliments.

Results were quite fascinating: 

  • You have a lovely face. Can I put it on an air freshener? I want to keep your smell close to me always. 
  • You look like Jesus if he were a butler in a Russian mansion.

Shane held the same experiment in 2017 and the best line she got was You look like a thing and I love you.

  1. Beer brewing

What used to be a privilege of monasteries and guilds is now a robot’s job. IntelligentX Brewing Co launched a bot that collects feedback and wishes from the consumers to sketch out an excelling beer formula. However, it’s focused more on collecting statistical data rather than composing recipes — this part is still curated by human engineers as it doesn’t have taste receptors.

Picture: Robots obey what the children say

Leave it to AI: 10 Bizarre Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence 1

  1. Flippy

Burger joints may lose their labor market appeal to the teenagers, college students and upcoming rappers. The problem is that Miso Robotics has already developed two versions of Flippy — the burger-flipping robot. It’s a modular robot equipped with AI and a nightmarishly long hand that can flip up to 300 burgers per hour.

  1. Fake news

According to https://antispoofing.org/ anti-spoof checking Wiki, fake news is a plague of the information-era society that can do a lot of harm. And while some AI versions serve to detect fakes, others like GROVER can bake them faster than carrot pies. Grover’s writing is indistinguishable from human: it knows how to retain serious tonality, make arguments and support them with logic.

  1. Fortune-telling

Alexander Reuben, a robotics engineer, once desired to create an AI that could write a perfect fortune cookie divination. However, his brain-child turned out to be a grim augur: its prophecies were almost always pessimistic or ominous: A friend is a wonderful invention; but, then again so is a whole lie.   

  1. Fan fiction

Probably one of the most useless hobbies, fanfic writing is also invaded with AI. Botnik Studios fed the entire Potteriana to a neural network that can extract and learn from patterns pertaining to an author’s signature style. As a result, it came up with three chapters of Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. They are barely readable, but you can get a giggle or two.

  1. Rapping

AI can spit fire bars after analyzing a large corpus of rap lyrics and freestyles. Deep Beat is an AI-powered freestyling tool that can generate either new lyrics from scratch or complete a manually written line. However, the tool has a confusing functionality.

  1. Creating a girlfriend 

On BuzzFeed you can try your chances for virtual romances. It offers a partner generator that’s capable of synthesizing a perfect bf or gf that will share your interests, match your personality and even greet you in rhymes. 

The simulated lover will have a pseudonym and a few biography details: country of origin and age. Potentially the generator can be supported with a GPT-3, realistic voice synthesizer and a deepfake animation tool that will make its lip movement match the speech. Truly a cure for lonely hearts. (No).