7 Easy Ways to Grow Your SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud is an online music platform where anyone can share the music they’ve made and hear others’ music for free. Artists looking to get popular on SoundCloud need a high number of plays, as that allows their music to be shown to more people and increases their popularity.

If they get a lot of streams, your tracks will be known by a lot more people, and you can start to make money off of your songs, encourage new listeners to try out your music, and build a reputation for yourself that lets people know how high quality your music is.

No matter what type of music you make, our guide to best practices will help you understand how to easily grow your SoundCloud plays. Follow our tips, and you’re sure to see success quickly.

Effective Tips to Grow Your Plays on SoundCloud

Although achieving success on SoundCloud may look intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Use these guidelines, and you’ll start to increase your plays on SoundCloud in no time:

1) Make Sure to Add Metadata

Any time you upload a track to SoundCloud, be certain to add as much relevant metadata as possible so that SoundCloud knows how to categorize your music. This includes adding a good title, proper genre tags, and a detailed description.

You’ll get more SoundCloud plays with this metadata because it will be easier for people to discover your music. SoundCloud’s algorithm uses all of this info to know when to display your tracks in the search results.

It’s important that your genre tags and other metadata are relevant to your content. People should know what kind of music you make right away when they see your track, and SoundCloud should be able to show your music to people interested in your genre.

2) Create an Excitement

7 Easy Ways to Grow Your SoundCloud Plays 1

One of the best ways to enhance your SoundCloud plays is to build up hype for your music. Promote your new tracks as much as possible before release so that by the time it comes out, people are excited and actively seeking out your new song.

If you don’t take the time to let people know you’re dropping new music, they might never find out about it. This makes it all the more vital that you get fans excited prior to each release.

3) Look for Curators

Any independent artist looking to get popular on SoundCloud should reach out to a playlist curator. These are people who find great music and add it all to a playlist for other people to enjoy, and if your song is chosen, a ton of new people will hear your music.

Find a curator and directly ask them if they can feature your music. Send them a link to your account and build a relationship with them, and you’ll have a chance to massively grow your SoundCloud plays as more people discover you.

4) Email for Networking

Even in this day and age, email is still king. Everyone has an email, and you should use this to your advantage. Reach out to labels, repost channels, and avid music fans, and send them a SoundCloud link to your account.

Email is the best channel to use to communicate with music professionals. If one replies to you, follow up with them and see if you can work together. This can open up huge new opportunities for you to increase your SoundCloud plays as your music gets spread around.

5) Promote Your Track Everywhere

There are lots of places online that you can use to reach your audience, and you should take advantage of as many as possible. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit are popular spots where lots of music listeners gather, so promote your tracks there.

Don’t just promote on social media, either. Seek out radio stations that play SoundCloud music in your chosen genre and see if they’d be willing to play your songs. All of this extra promotion can provide a huge boost to your streaming numbers.

6) Collaborate with Other Creators

SoundCloud Plays

Whatever genre your music is, it’s highly likely that there are other musicians out there making similar music. It’s a great idea to reach out to some of these people and see if they want to make music with you to help you both enhance your SoundCloud plays.

It’s important that you find a partner who has a sizable audience and not someone with only a few listeners. By collaborating, you can both get your music heard by each other’s audiences, increasing your reach and hopefully garnering you some new fans.

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Final Thoughts

Take the time to follow the above steps, and you’ll quickly see success. Our handy guide is designed to help you grow your SoundCloud plays and put you ahead of the competition, so be sure to make good use of it. Then, sit back and reap the rewards!