From Mine to Market: The Journey of 2-Carat Diamonds

Your chosen 2 carat excellent cut diamond finishes its long journey when it sits atop your chosen engagement ring setting. Any natural diamond’s journey from the mines to the market is quite an interesting and educational story. At each point, from exploration and mining to retailing, a diamond goes through many steps and processes that make the mined, certified diamond more refined, luxurious, and valuable.

If you are interested in finally owning a gorgeous Rare Carat 2 carat diamond engagement ring, you should get familiar with the journey of a diamond. Buyers are getting more conscious and taking active steps to ensure they are not indulging in unethically-sourced, conflict diamonds. Thus, learning about a diamond’s ideal journey will help you to determine the origin of any mined diamond you are interested in.

Yes, when you are choosing America’s favorite engagement ring marketplace, Rare Carat, there is no worry about the selected diamond’s origin. Rare Carat works with many prestigious companies and organizations including the legendary Everledger to provide certified information for each diamond’s origin (natural and lab grown) available on their user-friendly website. Yet, knowing the fascinating journey of diamonds from mine to market is recommended as it will only make your shopping experience more effective and responsible. So, do keep reading!

A diamond’s journey from mine to market

  • Exploration and Mining

The job of expert and ethical diamond prospectors is to explore the possibility of diamonds’ existence in nature without disturbing any environmental rules and regulations. Once they discover diamonds, safe mining operations are conducted by reputed and licensed organizations to extract the discovered diamonds.

The different types of mining processes that are used are Artisanal, Open Pit, Underground, and Marine mining processes. The rough diamonds that are extracted through these processes go through different stages like crushing, blasting, and processing.

  • Sorting, Cutting & Polishing

After the rough diamonds are mined and processed, they then undergo the next step which is storing where they are stored, classified, and valued. These are done as per the diamonds’ color, shape, size, and quality, in many different categories. Each diamond will then be cut and polished and sent to certified jewelry manufacturers for the next step. Up to here, the journey of all diamonds, whether it’s a 2 carat or 5 carat diamond, will be the same.

  • Manufacturing

After diamonds are polished and sent to a manufacturer, most of them will be traded or sold to all registered diamond bourses around the world (24 in total). They are generally sold as loose diamonds so that wholesalers and retailers can provide their clients/customers the option to choose settings as per their preference and budget, while others are sold as finished pieces of jewelry.

  • Retailing

These finished and loose certified diamonds are then sold to licensed wholesalers and retailers. As you will be shopping from Rare Carat, it is important to mention the fact that Rare Carat provides direct access to more than 150 trusted wholesalers. So, you can count on a hassle-free diamond shopping experience.

With their diamond price matching tool and unbiased GIA-certified gemologists and AI assistance for price and quality checks every step of the way, you can get the best deal and ensure that you are buying a certified, ethical, non-conflict, economical, and down-right stunning 2 carat diamond.

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If you have decided on a 2 carat diamond (excellent cut) for your engagement ring and are interested to know its wonderful and educational journey from the dark mines to on top of your engagement ring setting, hopefully, what you read above helped to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. A diamond follows a long journey that consists of many different steps and they were discussed here as well for your better understanding. Interested to know more? Or, can’t wait to buy your chosen 2 carat diamond Rare Carat ring anymore? Rare Carat is waiting for you!