5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Choose a Sim Only Deal

In case you have never utilized a contract-free SIM card earlier then you are likely to be spending a great deal more cash than you should be on the phone bills. There are several reasons why the sim-only deal is highly recommended. However, before taking a closer look at the reasons, you need to understand why the carrier contracts force us to spend more than necessary. Customers have to pay for the smartphone that comes with the SIM. The minimum amount charged for the contract remains the same for the entire duration of the contract. It is pretty much guaranteed that the SIM-only deals are a lot cheaper than the contract SIM cards. Here are some reasons.

1. More freedom in selection: None of the carriers have access to all the smartphone models out there. This can be expected because the various carriers are continuously competing against each other by partnering with various OEMs. From the customer viewpoint, this means they are constrained to select the models that these carriers offer. If the person tries to switch the mobile phone the SIM card might not work. SIM-only deals do not offer this kind of binding at all. The customer is free to utilize the smartphone model of their choice. Any smartphone that is not locked by the carrier or the maker will work easily with the independent SIM cards.

2. They are capped to zero: Excessive billing goes hand in hand with post-paid connections. This is the reason why there are several complaints lodged against all the carriers each year. In almost all cases, it is not a billing error that causes unreasonably high billing. The carrier decides to not cap the limits of the customer. For instance, it is pretty simple to go past the data limit when there is no set cap on it. The same thing applies to international calls, SMSs, and voice calls. This problem never occurs with the SIM-only deals because they are always capped to 0. When the customer reaches the limit of the plan, the service gets closed.

3. There is the freedom to cancel or change at any moment: The SIM cards do not have a contract allowing the users’ flexibility to cancel or change the plan at any moment they wish. You may leave the contract-free connection in a month of use without any heavy financial repercussions. most independent SIM plans last for 30 days and they do not get renewed automatically. However, this happens when the customer has canceled a plan at any time in the previous 30 days. In case someone has an expensive month, they have the option to downscale and opt for a cheaper plan in the upcoming months if they wish. 

4. You get better deals: We have seen only the basic reasons that make the SIM-only deals and offers a better alternative. It does not mean that you can select the SIM plan that is on offer. Compare all the SIM-only deals to find out the ones that are giving better value for money. People’s requirements with the mobile phone have changed quite a bit. Check out all the plans available from their site to determine the best option for your budget and requirements. You will find that at $40 a month you can get all the caps lifted from international calls, local calls, text messages, and even data.

5. Better data sharing: If other people in the family can take advantage of the cellular phone data, these independent SIM plans allow it. You can turn on the mobile tethering and hotspot feature from the smartphone to share the data with people that have the Wi-Fi password for accessing it. But you need to remember to check and compare all the SIM-only deals from the carrier to make sure that they are allowing tethering. In case the provider is offering restricted data sharing from their SIM card, you need to find another that has no such restrictions.


As you can see from the points above, there are several reasons why the SIM-only deal makes more sense than your post-paid contract. When you are looking to get a better deal, check all the alternatives available to see what makes perfect sense to your case.