Brief Descriptive Guide about Black Diamonds

Many people are unaware that diamonds are not just colorless but found in fantastic bright colors. These colors are red, purple, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, champagne, grey, fancy white, and fancy black. Black diamonds differ from other diamonds (except Fancy White) in that they are completely opaque. When buying loose diamonds in Brisbane you should know that black diamonds are extremely rare and precious, you’ll need a leading jeweller to get you one at a reasonable price. Since they are quite different from other diamonds and gems, with their unique colours and qualities, many queries often arise..

What are Black Diamonds?

While they differ from other diamonds in many ways, we shouldn’t ignore the black or carbonado diamond. Originally, it was mainly used as an abrasive in the industry until jewelers recognized its charm over time.

Diamonds that have naturally taken on other colors, from colorless to slightly yellow, are extremely rare. In some cases, they can be more valuable than completely colorless variants. These colored diamonds (so-called fancy diamonds) also include Black diamonds, which have become extremely widespread in recent years.

The term “diamond” is a bit tricky in this case because Carbonado is a combination of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. The graphite is responsible for the stone’s black color. Black diamonds are admired for their metallic sheen and seductive look, and unlike clear diamonds, they are never transparent.

For friends of minimalism, jewelry with black diamonds is an excellent choice because, with their mysterious sheen, they look extravagant in themselves. For example, a gold ring with black diamonds in a pavé setting will also delight women with exquisite taste.

How are Black diamonds made?

Black diamonds belong to the so-called fancy diamonds. These colored diamonds are differentiated from colorless to slightly yellowish-brownish tinted diamonds. Most diamonds are not completely colorless but slightly colored. However, fancy diamonds have an intense color that makes them particularly attractive. Such fancy diamonds, as well as black diamonds, are particularly rare and valuable. On average, there is only one fancy diamond out of 100,000 diamonds. A black diamond gets its color from many dark inclusions, usually graphite.

Black diamonds are indistinct in black and are only available in a single color vigor: fancy black, in contrast to the distinctive colors of the other colored diamonds. There are only two other diamond colors that only appear in fancy intensity—the white and red diamonds.

Many black inclusions inside the diamond cause the dark grey-to-black color that characterizes black diamonds. These inclusions are usually graphite. The pronounced inclusion pattern often makes Natural black diamonds difficult to cut.

Fancy white diamonds are the same as Fancy Black diamonds because they are opaque. Black diamond owes their color to graphite and random groupings throughout the diamond.

Origin Locations of Black Diamond

Black diamonds are mostly located in central Africa or Brazil. There, the affections are discovered in their natural state in alluvial deposits. The wide popularity of black diamonds has led to diamonds being feted with radiation to produce a black color artificially. Yet, the treated black diamonds are not identical to their natural mates and must be labeled as such in the certificate.

Famous Black Diamond – Black Orlov

Some of the most famous diamonds in the world are black diamonds. There is the “Black Star of Africa,” which weighs 202 carats and was last witnessed in Tokyo in 1971. The “Black Orlov” is a black diamond of 67.5 carats. Legend has it that this black diamond originally weighed 195 carats and was set as an eye in a Hindu statue of Brahma.

Robbed from a monk, the “Black Orlov” was currently subject to a curse—many landlords of the Black Diamond allegedly committed suicide. To break the curse, the “Black Orlov” was split into three parts.

Treated black diamonds

Since black diamonds have become very fashionable and have achieved great popularity since the 1990s, they are now also artificially produced through irradiation. Artificially color-enhanced diamonds, however, must always be marked as such in the certificate.

Color treatment can be done with radioactive radiation or under the influence of temperature. Treated diamonds are usually cheaper than natural stones, as the quality of the diamonds used as the starting material is rather poor. At Gemstone, you can buy natural and Moissanite diamonds online. We will also happily provide you with color-enhanced black diamonds upon request.

Are black diamonds expensive?

Of course, black diamonds are affordable; it depends on the desired size. Heated black diamonds are cheaper, but demand is quite low as buyers tend to prefer the real thing. Prices typically spin around $20 per carat. Fancy Black Diamonds cost between $20 and $60 per carat.

Are black diamonds rare?

Naturally, Fancy Black diamonds are rarer than standard colorless diamonds. There are 2 types of black diamonds on the market: Diamonds that have turned black as they are developed and diamonds that have been enhanced (fired) to have the black color. Such diamonds are not worth the rarest color in nature, but they are esteemed for their creative beauty and dark magic. They are often incorporated into men’s jewelry as a masculine note.

Can I wear a black diamond as an engagement ring?

You can wear a Black diamond Engagement ring to any special event. The De Beers Diamond Society famously introduced the idea of colorless engagement rings in 1940. Before that, and in the decades after, many brides chose the core piece for their engagement ring from a variety of gemstones.

These can be gemstones, colored diamonds, and colored cores. Usually, the bride chooses the engagement ring that best suits her style and taste, whatever the style. The only important thing to consider is that you should love your ring because you will wear it daily for your entire life.

You may pass it on to future generations as a treasured keepsake. Since it is your own to celebrate your love, choose the ring you most desire, no matter what advice you have been given or what is the norm.

How do I care for my black diamond?

Care for your black diamond just like you would care for any other diamond. The best way to clean a diamond is to have a professional jeweler who puts a piece of jewelry under steam pressure to remove dirt and dust.

However, when cleaning your diamond at home, use a soft brush (such as a toothbrush) and mild soap (such as dishwasher detergent). Carefully brush off the jewelry piece and rinse it under warm water. Dry it with a polishing cloth for the best result.

Where to Buy Black Diamonds?

If you want to purchase a truly special black diamond, it is advisable to only go for a natural, fancy black diamond. These majestic examples get their charming color from mother nature. Compared to many other colored diamonds or colorless diamonds, Fancy Black Diamonds are relatively cheap. And if you have little Budget for Natural Black Diamonds, Then Black Moissanites are also the Best Option.

Gemstone offers a large selection of fancy black Moissanite diamonds. When purchasing black diamond jewelry from your jeweler, it is important to indicate that you are looking for a rare, natural, fancy black diamond or Black moissanite, not an imitation.

Assuming that your jeweler is a trustworthy, certified professional, he will procure you the real merchandise, not a treated version. Request the GIA certificate and receive the original copy of your jewelry purchase.