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An accounting firm is an organization that keeps the accounts of several other businesses. This firm offers multiple areas of expertise, such as tax, social, legal, or financial advice, establishing employee payrolls, balance sheets, declarations of salaries to organizations, etc. In other words, the mission of an Accountant in vienna ( Buchhalter Wien ) is multidisciplinary. The accountant is generally an employee of the company but can also be in a liberal profession. His mission is to take care of the operations of his employer’s accounting orders.

Within an accounting firm, a certain number of actors are associated:

The head of the accounting mission: Accountant in vienna ( Buchhalter Wien ), takes care of a portfolio of customer files. The accountant leads his team, is the guarantor of good bookkeeping, and has a review and strategic advisory role.

  • Accounting assistant: he is responsible for keeping the accounts and recording transactions.
  • The accountant: he supervises the work of the accounting assistant and draws up summary documents of the financial situation of a company
  • The statutory auditor: he audits the accounts of certain companies to attest to the regularity and accuracy of the elements checked, without interfering in the management of the company
  • Customer manager
  • The payroll manager
  • The trainee accountant

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Accountant in vienna ( Buchhalter Wien ) is generally in great demand by business leaders for their services, which are essential to the serenity of a business.

The accounting firm responds to all the missions of an accounting firm. 

Between trust, proximity, responsiveness and listening, the firm comprises a professional and dynamic team. Thus, we intervene in:

  • The creation or takeover of a business: support you in all stages, guide you and help you make decisions to carry out your project
  • Daily monitoring: helping with the accounting organization, securing accounting management and providing advice for your business.

The accountant must keep the accounts of a company and be a real collaborator and provide various and varied advice, whether of a fiscal, legal, accounting or social nature. The company has the possibility of carrying out its accounts. However, she may still have recourse to an accountant, as this is a task that can prove to be long and tedious.

The missions of the accountant

He supports the company throughout its development and has several missions:

He can assist the entrepreneur in setting up a business; in fact, he can help develop the business plan and support the entrepreneur in setting up a business. He also assists in business takeover procedures or for the dissolution or liquidation of a company. He helps the business creator by giving him advice on the adequate legal status of the business and, in particular, on the different modes of financing available and orienting him on the social status of the business creator.

Its missions can be diverse and varied, such as providing advice on the administrative organization of a company, giving legal advice and drafting certain acts or even management advice for the company. The accountant proceeds to the presentation of the company’s annual accounts, which covers all the company’s declarations, whether of social or fiscal nature.

He will also have to certify the compliance of the annual accounts against the tax administration. He is also authorized to draw up payslips and to declare social charges.

The obligations of the accountant 

He must respect the code of ethics of his profession, which confers on him certain responsibilities of a civil, penal and disciplinary nature, namely that he has an obligation of professional secrecy.

Regarding civil obligations, he must take out professional civil liability insurance.

 He is responsible to his clients for any failure or irregularity in the performance of his duties.

From a criminal point of view, he can be held responsible for any negligence or a breach of the regulations of his profession. This includes, in particular, a defect in writing which may turn out to be inaccurate or fictitious.

The accountant must also respect the rules of ethics of his profession, be it professional secrecy in the activities of his clients, a duty of integrity and must not have any conflict of interest whatsoever with the company that can interfere with his free will.

Use an accountancy firm.

Accounting firms are made up of several collaborators with different specializations. This is a team written around the firm’s head with several specialities such as labour law, a collaborator specializing in taxation and much more.

It is possible to choose a firm that will have a specialization in your sector of activity. Indeed, choosing a firm with in-depth knowledge of the business sector of the business manager could be profitable for the business’s activity and will provide expertise in the regulations in force, collective agreements, financing mechanisms.

They offer one-off payment or recurring payment systems that will support you in developing your professional activity. These services will allow you to optimally manage your accounts and efficiently transmit the data on your various operations to qualified professionals when the funds are kept.

Online Accounting Service 

With new technologies, online accounting is an essential solution for certain connected and mobile entrepreneurs. Due to its various advantages appeal to many companies who prefer it to the traditional accounting system. But online accounting management: how does it work?

Principle of online accounting management

Online accounting or online accounting management is a solution that allows entrepreneurs to have 24/7 access to their accounting and financial data via a mobile, tablet or computer.

In addition, no software is required and must not be installed on the computer. Online accounting is done through an online platform. Different tools can be made available 

according to your profession, your activity and your needs.

To access this online platform, it is possible to take out a monthly subscription defined according to various criteria, particularly your profession, turnover (turnover), legal form, and workforce. A tailor-made rate defined according to your situation!

What are the advantages of online accounting management?

Online accounting has many advantages over traditional accounting management. Here are a few key factors that may inspire you to switch from a traditional accounting firm to online accounting:

Reduced costs thanks to the optimization of certain tasks

Indeed, when you switch from traditional accounting to online accounting, you can benefit from fee savings. Many a time, the services offered by online accountants come less expensive because the structure and operating costs are lower. In addition, thanks to the dematerialization of the service, administrative tasks are sometimes automated and thus executed more quickly. The automation of these common value-added tasks saves time on the advice given to the entrepreneur. No more unnecessary trips to file your accounting documents! Access your online accounting wherever and whenever you want.

Your accounts update in real-time.

You will benefit from an accounting fed almost in real-time. Electronic document exchanges via your dedicated space, access to information is facilitated, and indicators update automatically and regularly at no additional cost.

Safe transfer of accounting documents

You will no longer need to transmit or send your paper accounting documents by post or to the accounting firm. Indeed, a private and secure online space allows you to dematerialize your accounting documents. With Accountant in vienna ( Buchhalter Wien ), you also benefit from a Smartphone application that will enable you to transfer your accounting documents simply by photographing them with your Smartphone. Thus, by choosing online accounting management, you act directly on reducing your costs but also on your company’s ecological footprint.

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