EdrawMax Review: The Best Diagram Software

1.  Lead-in Part

Does designing a chart seem a daunting task to you? If yes, it’s high time you try EdrawMax. It is an effective tool for easy, quick diagramming and quality chart production. It comes with all the features to create a chart quickly without spending hours on it.  

Further, EdrawMax also features a user-friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t require any prior experience to create effective charts. With a long list of built-in illustration features and tools, it is free diagram software for everyone. You can create diagrams, charts, org charts, and more with it in just a few simple steps.

Another thing to cherish about EdrawMax is its template community. You can find more than 5000 templates in its store. Such huge numbers mean easy access to all interactive, essential, and helpful organizational charts, home decor diagrams, bubble diagrams, and flowcharts.

2.  EdrawMax: Multiple Features to Use

EdrawMax Review: The Best Diagram Software 1

EdrawMax was introduced around 2002. Since then, it has become one of the best, free, open-source diagramming tools. It supports most visual formats and includes a rich collection of shapes and symbols.

Note that the software didn’t have any additional applications or features at the start. Yet, outsmarting the competition with its practical tools and frequent productive updates is what makes it to the top. Users worldwide find it valuable and ideal for creating effective charts, as it can:

Multi-project Program

EdrawMax is multifunctional. It can create flowcharts, org charts, bubble diagrams, UML diagrams, and more. With a broad range of shapes and symbols supported, you can create almost everything with it.

User-friendly Exposure

As mentioned earlier, EdrawMax has a simple interface and is fairly easy to use. It doesn’t require any experience in diagram creation. The user-friendly software also makes it easy to navigate and find tools.

General Public Usage Compatible

It is catered to users’ drawing needs, so it comes with all the necessary features for easy operation. Everyone can use it, and it doesn’t take much time to understand it. Such user compatibility is what makes it stand firm in the huge competition.

Ready-Made Template Collection

One of the major drawbacks of diagram software is that most of their features are available in the premium version. EdrawMax also comes with a premium version, but it takes care of all its users.

Thus, you can access one of the biggest pre-made templates and layouts collections. With one click, you can find templates for any project. Hence, it reduces time and effort in finding the right template or spending hours creating it.

Universal Diagram Format Conversions

Here’s the best part: EdrawMax features compatibility and efficiency all in one place. Unlike other programs that aren’t compatible with many platforms, EdrawMax is different. It supports top data-sharing platforms. This includes compatibility with 14 different formats, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

In a nutshell, you can create amazing diagrams and export them to your preferred platform without any problem. And doing this is fairly easy too!

Highest Customization Ability

Flexible customization is an important requirement when creating diagrams/flowcharts. The good thing is that EdrawMAx supports a vast range of editable components for quick and easy customization.

Symbols are quite popular in the EdrawMax world. You can save a lot of time and effort using these pre-made small components. On average, you can find almost 25000+ symbols in its library packs. There is also daily addition of new symbols. It gets even better as the software comes with tools to create your own symbols. Later, you can also save them in your personal library. 

Evolving With The Market

The world is changing fast, so tools and softwares need frequent updates to meet user requirements. Software that doesn’t receive revisions gets outdated quickly. It no longer fulfills modern demands, so it eventually loses its value.

However, Wondershare Edraw doesn’t disappoint its users in providing value. It ensures that EdrawMax gets frequent updates to make it compatible with new market demands. Such a feature is the reason the software outsmarts other competitors.

Moreover, these routine updates also eliminate the stress of shifting from one software to another. When updated frequently, you can do all your work on EdrawMax without worrying about it getting outdated or filled with glitches or bugs.

The recent updates are enough to prove the higher functionality EdrawMax offers. The recently introduced UI has become intensely popular in the design world. It’s because now users can find all the features in a visible and interactive range.

Along with that, the software also added a mini toolbar recently. It has become one of the most favorite tools on EdrawMax. With it, you can assess all your favorite tools in the cursor range. Thus, there is no need to waste time jumping up and away whenever you want to use a tool.

3.  Price Package

Everything has a price, true. But sometimes, it’s frustrating seeing that all the features you need are added to the premium version. Other times, you must pay the price to try those features.

However, the same is not the case with EdrawMax. Though it comes with free and premium versions, you can still do a lot on the free version. In fact, the free version supports most features and tools needed for chart production.

This includes assessing design templates and layouts for free or using multiple customization features. It is an all-in-one diagram maker that comes with a long list of shapes, icons, figures, and symbols to help you create your diagram.

What’s more? You can also go for the premium version to step-up your chart creation. You can get the individual or team plan to access features like multiple format export and premium cloud service.

It may surprise you that EdrawMax also supports teachers and students with an educational plan. Because of these little things, the software has a huge fanbase throughout the world.

As for the prices:

  •  The individual plan costs just around $99/year.
EdrawMax Review: The Best Diagram Software 2
  • The team plan has an initial cost of $505.75/year.
EdrawMax Review: The Best Diagram Software 3
  • The educational plan costs $62/semi-annual or $85/year.
EdrawMax Review: The Best Diagram Software 4

4.  How Does EdrawMax Work?

Now, for the most awaited question, how does EdrawMax work? The first thing to note about this software is its easy operation and quick access to tools. It will only take up to a few clicks to create and design complex diagrams and charts.

How? See yourself:

  1. If you are going to use the software for the first time, you need to download it.
    1. Visit edrawsoft.com (the official EdrawMax website)
    2. Find Try It free. Click on it to download the software. Make sure to download .exe format:
      1. For Windows: .exe
      2. For iMac: macOS
  1. After downloading, open the program and register your email to create an account.
  2. After creating an account and logging into the software, click New to create a diagram.

If you want to choose from the pre-added templates, click Templates on the left to find your preferred chart.

  1. The next step is really fun. You choose tons of customization tools available to personalize your chart. Moreover, the software also supports adding, removing, replacing, and editing the components of a chart/diagram.
  2. Lastly, you can export and share your diagram. The software supports two saving options. You can export your created chart to your PC’s storage.

Or you can also publish your chart as a template on EdrawMax’s community. To do so, click on the Publish button in your screen’s top right corner.

5.  Why Choose EdrawMax?

Surely you can find a lot of other designing software on the web. However, what distinguishes EdrawMax from other alternatives are its easy, quick, and practical tools and features, such as:

  • Easy Operation: The software requires no prior knowledge or experience designing charts. It comes with all the tools needed to make diagrams. Yet, it has a friendly interface on which anyone can learn to make charts within seconds. 
  • Largest Template Community: You can find more than 5000 templates on EdrawMax. Thus, finding your required layout and creating a chart is extremely easy with it.
  • Multiple Formats Supported. You can export and share your designs with other platforms that don’t support .eddx files. Thus, you can easily share your diagram in an interactive PDF/Excel format.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Data security is another reason EdrawMax is so popular. It features the highest security level encryption in cloud storage. Thus, you can rest assured your created designs will stay secure on the software.

6.  Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, EdrawMax is an excellent tool for creating charts and diagrams. It is compatible with all user requirements and features a user-friendly interface.

Further, the software also comes with advanced security measures through cloud storage. It also saves time by automatically cloud saving and secures your design. Thus, your work will be saved even if the window closes accidentally.

Want to know the best part? Most of these fantastic features are available in the free version. And if you opt for the premium version, you can access other excellent and unlimited features to top-notch your designs.