Men’s haircuts: how to choose the right look

First impressions count a lot. If we want to make a good impact, whether in our private life or in the workplace, we have to take into account that our personal image is our letter of introduction. Haircuts say a lot about people. You can project a daring, traditional, innovative, creative, dynamic, calm, introverted, risky, and rebellious character. Whatever trait you want to highlight, there will always be a men’s haircut that will suit you.

But in addition to the hairstyle, each of us has a facial physiognomy and hair with different characteristics, and that is why it is interesting to experiment with styles that suit us. You can vary your overall image by playing with the possibilities that your hair offers you. Try lengthening it and curling it or even changing the color. You can also go for a close and comfortable cut, with fewer complications. Times change and, regardless of the degree of interest you have in fashion, the power that men’s haircuts have in our look is undeniable.

Men’s haircuts: hair type and texture

Before opting for one or another haircut, it is important to analyze your hair and its characteristics. Do you have abundant hair? Then go for voluminous cuts with toupees and bangs or go for long hair. Wavy hair will add shape and definition. If you have curly hair, you can go for a layered or pixie. For those who have less amount of hair, gradients in all their forms are a safe bet, as well as very current.

 If you do not know very well which haircut for men to select, you can be inspired by the looks of public figures of your interest, like Cam Newton hair style, even if you do not lose the realistic look. What looks good on someone else is not necessarily the right choice for you. Your hair can be more or less oily, dense, or thick, plus it can have a uniform and unidirectional growth or in the form of a swirl. 

Boy haircut according to the shape of the face

Perhaps you have never considered it, but hair can be an effective weapon to highlight the strengths and attenuate the weaknesses of the face. Rounder faces, for example, do well with a bit more volume on top, while a short, precise style can accentuate a jowled jaw. Of course, if you want to grow a beard, it is also important that the hairstyle is in tune for a uniform and harmonious image.

Men’s haircuts and lifestyle

It is also advisable that you always keep in mind how much time you want or can dedicate to taking care of your image. Certain cuts require more dedication: you may have to style your hair daily, use specific products, blow dry, etc. In addition, if it is a very marked cut, you will have to go to the professional more regularly.

If you are looking for comfort, then you better go for a less demanding and simpler men’s haircut. Both the shaved hair and the mane are good examples of this: it will be enough to wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Simplicity is not at all at odds with an interesting and attractive look. For hair care, you need to choose the hair products wisely and after reading the reviews of people about that product. Read Streax hair serum review and buy a great product for your hair.

Boys haircuts: get the best out of it

As you can see, there are multiple innovative possibilities at your fingertips, but, once you have chosen your ideal haircut, the road does not end there. There are many products and tools at your disposal for frequent care that will keep your hair, and your look in general, always fresh and with the energy you want. Depending on your haircut, you can experiment with different techniques and styles, more modern or traditional.

You can use the gel and the comb to give it a wet look or you can add volume thanks to a blow of the dryer. Thanks to the wide range of products available today, there is no excuse to give your haircut your unique touch. Go ahead and discover how much your new versions can give of themselves!

Haircuts for men: some examples

In summary, to be able to choose a haircut that suits you, you must pay attention to your hair, your style, your time availability, and your facial features. Here we summarize the most current cuts that have been named throughout the article:

Shaven. Perhaps the most comfortable of all the men’s haircuts presented because you will only have to worry about going over it when necessary. More flattering on long face shapes, it is not recommended for those with very fine hair.

Demoted. This short haircut is very fashionable in its various variants. Not only does it help to hide thinning hair, but it is also so versatile that it can be adapted to any style. You can leave more or less volume at the top, mark bangs, curl it, etc.

Long hair. Both loose and in a bun, it will add a lot of personality to your look.