How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

Fence installation is done not only for security and safety purposes but also for its aesthetic value. A well-installed fence can make the house look more appealing – not to mention its security. But better installation needs better professionals, and they can cost you a little.

But how much?

That is a question to think about. My recommendation would be to find a fence installation near me. But if you want to know how much fence installation costs with some tips, keep reading this article!

Average Price Of Fence Installation Depending On Its Material

Choose the material of the fence according to your aesthetic preferences and the weather conditions in your area. For example, if you live in an area exposed to extreme winds or flooding, your fence material should therefore be particularly robust.

Discover the characteristics of the different materials of a fence, as well as their estimated price of installation:

MaterialMaterial characteristicsPrice of installation(per linear foot)
PVC fenceEconomical, but deteriorates rapidly.Shock resistant.$22 to $33
Wire mesh fenceEconomical and resistant.One of the cheapest materials on the market.$2 to $10
Concrete fenceConcrete must be poured with care. It is durable and sturdy and does not require maintenance.$32 – $42
Wooden fenceRobust, on the other hand, wood fears humidity. It must be maintained with stain and be autoclaved (treated in depth) to prevent rotting.$13 and $27
Aluminum fenceAesthetic, durable, and resistant. Does not withstand shocks very well. $25 to $40
Wrought iron fenceRobust but particularly expensive. It must also be treated against corrosion.$30 to $50
Stone fenceAesthetic, stone fits naturally into any landscapeIt does not require any special maintenance$10.03 to $15.13
Plant fenceAesthetic, requires a lot of maintenance.Is particularly in fashion at the moment.$25 to $50 (per hour)

For a more precise estimate, ask for a fence quote online describing the specifics of your site for an accurate appraisal.

What Does The Budget For Installing A Fence Depend On?

Before looking at more precise price estimates, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the critical facts. They are going to affect your fence wall budget.

Type of fence:

The choice of the fence to be installed has a considerable influence on the price to be expected. At the bottom of the list, we find the chain-link fence or Wire mesh fence.

At the top of the basket, there are wrought iron or concrete fences. Note that the design also has a lot to do with the price.

Dimensions of the fence:

One of the most significant factors is the length of your wall (the price is calculated according to the linear meter/foot). But don’t forget that its height can also increase the budget to be expected.

The terrain:

The nature of your terrain also comes into play. Indeed, putting up a fence requires digging the ground. Rough or complex terrain, therefore, requires more time and more money!

Specifics of the fence:

The more complex your fence is, the higher the price will be. If it has many corners or has to go through tight spots, you should expect to pay a heavy price.

Craftsman contacted

Finally, the cost of installing a fence wall can depend very much on the cost of labor. Therefore, always compare different quotes for the fence to avoid the artisans with abusive tariffs.

Importance of Quote for the Installation of Fence

Whatever your fence choice, it is essential to ask for different fence quotes before choosing your craftsman. Indeed, each company is free to offer you an additional price. And the only way to find the best prices is to contact several craftsmen.

Thus, requesting different quotes allows you:

  • Compare the prices of local installers
  • To calculate a precise budget to enclose your garden
  • To compare the prices of the different fence models
  • To play against the competition and take advantage of the best offers.

Hence, it is advisable to compare at least the prices of five different fence installers. In this way, you have a precise idea of ​​the market prices and are certain of the legitimacy of the craftsmen who contact you.

Final Thought

Surface area, materials, thickness, or even support structure – a large number of criteria determine the final price of your fence. So, it is not surprising to feel lost when starting the construction.

However, sometimes, it is wise to call qualified professionals to fit into the budget you set for yourself. They will carry out a tailor-made quote for you and tell you how much does fence installation cost.