How to choose the right face mask for kids online?

alarming situation we are facing in terms of the covid19 spread, it is imperative that everyone makes use of face mask. Initially, children were seen as immune to the virus but we are seeing how it can be fatal. As schools reopen parents are worried about their child’s safety. The first question that comes to mind is to find the find the right face mask for girls and boys as children are too young to be eligible for any Covid-19 vaccine. Even with vaccination shots, one must make use of a facemask from as it is the new normal now.

A study shows that the virus transmission is greatly reduced when people use surgical face mask for sale and maintain distance of 3 feet at least. This is why schools have been advised to reopen with caution. There will be classes three times a week and some are considering dividing sections in the week so teachers can easily manage the workload while taking all the preventive measures.

When it comes to choosing a durable facemask for your child here are some guidelines that can help you in making the right choice. One of the problems with children is to make them understand the gravity of the situation. Often they will wear it but then after a few hours will take facemask off. So the right surgical facemask is one that the child can keep it on for hours without getting breathless or irritable.

Comfortable Face mask in Karachi

A face mask is only protective as long as the child is wearing it. No matter how expensive or fancy they appear, it must be made using a comfortable fabric and one that fits properly around the face. Face coverings that are too loose with come off or become bothersome after a while. Kids are especially very fussy about their things so you want to choose surgical face mask that they won’t fiddle all day long. Moreover, ideally cotton facemask is suitable for kids and they must be double –layer so they offer proper protection.

A three layer face mask is even better if you can find it. If you are going to get a handmade one so make sure it is tightly woven as studies show they are good at filtering out dangerous particles. These can’t be seen by the naked eye so you have to rely on surgical face mask that are made of double layer. Also, there shouldn’t be any gaps for air to pass through them. One of the ways to check this is by blowing out a candle. If you are able to do it while wearing face mask. Then it is clear that it isn’t giving proper protection.

A cotton fabric is always better as it is bearable under humid conditions. This is particularly important as anything too heavy will be difficult to keep on the face. If you are going to stitch one for your child then make sure that the face mask fits closely over the nose, mouth and down to the chin. You can find face mask in Lahore with adjustable nose pin and ear loops which are even better. This is important to ensure a snug fit.

Also we notice how people who wear glasses often complain of having moisture appear on their specs. That happens when there are gaps in the face mask. If your child wears glasses then teach your child the correct way of wearing facemask. It should properly cover the nose so every time you breathe there isn’t fog appearing on the glasses making the vision blur. Something all adults have had to face and mind you it can be very annoying.

Pack more than one face mask for school

Kids and mess go hand in hand and you can’t keep them out of dirt. When packing their bag make sure to put extra facemask so the child has a clean one in case it gets soiled. Well we all know how likely it is for the surgical face mask to get sweaty or wet. It can become uncomfortable for the child to wear so they will most likely take it off. Also, it is best to choose cloth face mask for children rather than the disposable ones. Those can be washed and reused for a long time. This will help you to save on the unnecessary expense of buying facemask every other week.

Are N95 Face Mask Effective for Kids?

There isn’t kid’s size yet to be seen in the market so we won’t advise you to get one. Also, they can get uncomfortable for school going kids so chances are they won’t be keeping them on for a long duration. But then again if your child is okay with wearing one then by all means let them. Face mask are a necessity at this time and getting the kids involved in the only way to ensure they will be wearing the facemask while you aren’t going to be present with them. This is one of the concerns most parents raised while sending their child to school. Will it be safe and how safe, has the school worked on a foolproof system. All these questions come with half baked answers. You can never be sure so it is up to the parents to do all the work on their end. Besides online classes has left many mothers over worked and under stressed. Parents are more than happy to send their child to school. With the right face mask in Karachi you can take a sigh of relief.


When browsing for face mask online Pakistan, you will come across many online shopping platforms. is a credible source that offers quality surgical facemask for kids and adults. If you are looking for cotton made face mask you can also find those in variety of colors and sizes. What’s worth mentioning is how affordable they are and the quality isn’t compromised by any means. Wearing a face mask is extremely important today as it was a year back when we first heard of the Covid19. We must not become careless or take this virus any less seriously. Better to be safe than sorry!