8 tricks to help you pass an interview.

Employers and recruiters are people too, and they are just as susceptible to psychological tricks and biases as we are. Business Insider has put together a list of tricks to help you look like a more likable, competent, and desirable interview candidate. FloridaJobCenter.com shares them with you.

1. Schedule an interview at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday

There is an opinion that this is the best time for the interviewer: he is relaxed, he has already had coffee, and his week is planned out, but he is not yet tired of the work of the workers. And it only works for the candidates. So if HR gives you some flexibility in your interview time, suggest Tuesday at 10:30 am.

2. Create the look you want

It turns out that the color of clothes can tell others what qualities you have. Think about what to wear to the interview, and choose the right look to show only the best character traits.

Here’s what some colors can tell a recruiter:

  • blue is worn by team players;
  • black is chosen by leaders, and green, yellow, orange, or purple – by creative individuals;
  • gray – you are a person with a logical/analytical mindset;
  • white is a sign of organization, and brown is a sign of reliability.

3. Keep your palms open

Hand movements and overall body language speak volumes. If you keep your palms open, this characterizes you as a sincere person, when you connect your fingertips – you are a confident person. Do not turn your palms down, this indicates a tendency to dominate. Also, do not hide your hands under the table, people may think that you are hiding something. Tapping fingers on the table is a sign of impatience, arms folded on the chest – disappointment, fear. And too active gesticulation speaks of nervousness.

4. Find something in common with the interlocutor

We like people with whom we have something in common. Therefore, if you know that the interviewer appreciates, for example, volunteering, and this is also close to you, find an opportunity to mention this fact.

5. Mirror the movements of the interlocutor

The “chameleon effect” is a psychological method that helps to win over the interlocutor. All you have to do is act like him. Ideally, it should look like you are “dancing” with the other person, which will demonstrate that you are interested in the conversation and that you are a team player.

If your interlocutor leaned in his chair and put his hands on the table, feel free to do the same. Try to make it not too obvious, so that it is not noticeable that you are copying someone.

6. Compliment without being fake.

Researchers found that candidates who said something nice in an interview that sounded sincere were more likely to be hired.

Praise the company and the interviewer, show your enthusiasm, loyalty to the organization. But most importantly, do it from the bottom of your heart.

7. Tell us about your past experience at a previous job

To make a positive impression on the interviewer, you should talk about past projects that you initiated. If you can prove how much you have contributed to the success of the company, then most likely the interlocutor will be impressed with you. But do not overdo it, do not overpraise yourself.

8. Be prepared to talk about your weaknesses.

Answer the question “What is your weakness?” I want to emphasize my strengths: “I’m such a perfectionist” or “I work too hard.” But such answers repel a potential employer. It makes more sense to say something truthful, like “I’m not always organized.” It at least sounds honest, and honesty wins people over.