The trend in interior design – small cabinets kitchens

The trend with a compact kitchen is convenient and practical not only for those with limited space but also for fans of minimalism. The number of cabinets is small but is made with room for all the necessary things. There are many design options for small cabin kitchens, so everyone can find their ideal to their liking. The main thing is to choose the right colors, textures, and materials so they go well together. Then the wow effect is guaranteed.

The trend in interior design - small cabinets kitchens 1

How do you store things in such a kitchen?

There are several solutions to how to design the kitchen. Modern design makes sure that there are no impractical solutions. All space is cleverly utilized, and the main problems are solved, thanks to the hidden storage of dishes, food, and other kitchen utensils. Modern systems make it possible to open a drawer or any other piece of furniture without using your hands.

But don’t rely on common standards, but consider your own dimensions. Modular units are often made to order because preferences and requirements vary. For those who like to have everything in full view, open shelves will be topical. On them, you can display your service or a collection of your favorite dishes. By the way, it will be another reason to treat yourself to beautiful mugs or plates. Such a chip will help add:

  • homeliness;
  • fullness;
  • personality.

Even though the shelf will be full, with proper placement and choice of utensils, minimalism will still be maintained.

Will kitchens of this design go out of style?

Practice shows that minimalism and compact-sized kitchens are a trend that will not disappear. The fact is that people often need to save space, and properly selected furniture helps them to translate such an idea into reality, without sacrificing aesthetics. If you choose modern materials or order furniture with rounded corners or fronts, which is very fashionable now, you can notice how guests will admire and praise your kitchen. Check out the options online to fill up on ideas.

If you want to add luxury, add metallic accents. Marble will be relevant, too. Most importantly, when selecting materials, be sure to specify how they should be cared for to maintain their original appearance for years to come. When planning how everything should be placed, consider the opening of the cabinets and the size of the room. If you do not know the scale and other nuances, it is better to consult a professional, because your comfort in using the kitchen in the future will depend on it.

The trend in interior design - small cabinets kitchens 2


To save space, but to set up a dream kitchen is quite realistic. What’s more, a large number of people practice it. Designers offer different designs for every taste. Everyone can design a dream kitchen on their own, but you can’t do without taking into account their requirements and the features of the room. When making decisions, take your time, and it is better to get acquainted with all the nuances, information about the materials, and the details regarding their use.