4 Digital Marketing Ways to Possibly Increase Your Lead

It is about time again when molds’ season starts in the US. It sprouts during spring and persists until the late fall. Not only will there be more calls for help and work to do, your revenue is also flowing in consistently and it peaks during July when the mold invasion reaches its highest. Nobody likes getting molds inside their house and risks damaging their properties and having health problems. And this is where you as a mold remediation company comes in. Countless customers are calling for help from mold remediation experts to turn their squalid house caused by such offensive allergens, to a squeaky-clean home.

However, the world is bound to have cutthroat competition; and mold companies are no stranger to this. As a business owner, you have to think of the most efficient way in generating more profits and advertising your business as much as possible. To remove any hurdle that may hinder your prospects of reaching you, it is vital to establish a palpable presence that will pave the way for them to easily reach you. The essence of standing atop from all your competitors, makes you a true expert for combatting the said fungus – the source of homeowners’ vexation.

To properly establish a strong presence, here’s four ways to improve your visibility and accessibility with the help of Digital Marketing.

digital marketing

1. Social Media Ad

Nowadays, social media platforms have been an indispensable way for digital marketing as people have been focused and spend 24/7 engaging in their various social media accounts. It has been easily integrated within our lifestyle which makes it easier for your customers to see information about your mold inspection and mold testing services. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have revolutionized marketing giving way for an ingenious means for your digital marketing team to reach multiple leads simultaneously.

It is high time for you as a business owner to make your presence online and advertise your company to attract new clients and keep your patrons informed and posted with new updates. Utilizing current trends, people can recommend it to others and reach a wide range of audience. With just one click, it can do wonders to your business.

2. Google Ad

You might have heard about google ads from somewhere wondering what it is. Google Ads is an advertising platform on Google’s search engine. Try searching a keyword or a mold inspection company, aside from websites or blogs showing the related keywords, you can observe that there are certain search results that showed an “Ad” word beside their website domain.

These are examples of businesses that make use of Google Ad. With this type of advertisement, you can set your target market with the use of some keywords, location, group, language, and interest that can be linked to your services. This will lead you to receive high-quality responses from related audiences and convert them into clients that will purchase your service sooner or later. Not only are you able to optimize your advertising budget, it also makes your outreach to be smoother and more efficient than ever.

3. Google My Business

Joining Google My Business will be a significant step for your company. Not only are you building your presence online, you are also showcasing your credibility and confidence to engage in business by joining the space where industry leaders belong. Not only you are able to make use of cost segregation services to lessen your tax, mold remediation businesses can actually make space for themselves in the real estate category to announce their presence in the realm of virtual business.

You can upgrade your business to a technology advanced business and position your business in the best possible way by providing ample information and reviews that your customers can easily access. And the cream of the crop is that Google My Business is for free and you don’t have to worry about releasing exorbitant amounts for advertising.

4.  Hiring SEO Specialists

I bet you have already observed that when you do a general web search for mold inspection or remediation companies, several business and webpages are shown in the page result. To your dismay, your own website is not included at the top nor shown immediately on the page. This might be the chief reason you are losing out your potential customers. No one wants to spend so much effort scrolling down to check a site when another business is shown at the top and offers the customer the service they need. They tend to glance and check out one or three websites before deciding what remediation company to choose.

It is highly suggested to take advantage of this customer behavior and make sure to propel your own business as the first result to appear. To do this, hiring SEO specialists or making use of SEO technologies might be the best way. SEO experts make use of link building tools that ensure your business appears at the top of the list and increase the customers visit by creating a lot of traffic. This might be the key to your digital marketing plan, as it will surely draw more clients making appointments day and night knowing that your business is popular enough to appear at the topmost part of the search page.

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