Learn About the Varying Paternity Test Costs.

Paternity tests are becoming a standard practice. This is thanks to advancements in technology that ensure that you get your test in less than three days or even instantly.

The U.S. average number of paternity tests taken is 300,000 per year. There are many reasons for the paternity test; maybe you want to establish relations between couples, family members, or a stranger with a striking resemblance.

Unfortunately, not many people take paternity tests and resort to speculation when in doubt. They think paternity tests are expensive. But what does the actual paternity test cost in the U.S?

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Home Paternity Testing

Of all the paternity tests, home testing is the most affordable cost-wise. The average amount you will need to pay for a home paternity test is between $60 and $200. This is inclusive of the cost of the kit.

Nevertheless, the price will vary depending on the type of kits that you want for the test. Still, a home paternity test is the best option for paternity tests in the U.S. But its appeal is not just cost; it’s also about the convenience and privacy of the process.

The kits are shipped to you privately and accompanied by detailed instructions to ensure you get accurate results. However, mistakes can happen, and you may not use the correct sample that ensures conclusive results.

The only option to guarantee absolute accuracy is to opt for a lab paternity test. However, this does not take away the validity of home paternity testing.

Lab Paternity Test Cost

A home paternity test is only valid for your knowledge and peace of mind. However, when the authorities are involved in any matter – be it immigration, child support claims, or visitation rights – a lab paternity test is the only option admissible as evidence.

The paternity test cost will depend on what kind of lab paternity service you want, and each has a varying cost. The pricing for lab paternity testing can be from as little as $300 to as high as $2000.

The price can also go up further with additional services such as expedited testing.

Please note, Insurance companies don’t cover the cost of paternity tests because they are not considered medical procedures. Therefore, prepare to pay for the service out of your pocket.

For court cases, a home paternity test will not suffice. The court will usually order a DNA paternity test. DNA tests are preferred because they provide a 99% accuracy rate.

Legal DNA paternity tests are common with probate and administration cases where an individual desires to establish blood ties for inheritance. The costs vary because the court sometimes gives a short and strict deadline to conduct a DNA paternity test. This will obviously add to the cost.

Family Relationship Testing

The cost for such testing will also depend on the aim of the paternity testing and how it’s conducted. There are three options in relationship testing:

Sibling DNA testing is the first option and the most popular where the father is unavailable. Avuncular DNA testing is for testing for the alleged father’s sibling and determining a probability that a child is a niece/nephew to the alleged uncle/aunty.

The third option is grand parentage which allows a grandparent or both to participate in a DNA test with their alleged Grandchild.

Tribal Enrollment Paternity Test

There is also the option of testing for enrolling into an American Indian tribe. You’ll need an enrolled tribe member to base your DNA match with and determine any biological relationship. The results are then presented to the tribal enrollment committee.

Prenatal Paternity Test

A prenatal paternity test is done when there’s a dispute as to who is the father of the baby before birth. The testing is also as accurate as those performed when a child is born. This is the most expensive DNA paternity test, and the price may start at an average of $1500.

Wrap Up

Paternity test cost varies depending on the service that you require. The best option is to make a phone call and get assistance and a quote for your desired testing cost. Visit our site to learn more.