How to Find Product Market Fit for Your Brand

Marketing has always been a challenge and finding the best way to market a product to its perfect audience is the ultimate goal. In fact, the term product-market fit is used to describe a product that is being purchased by its target audience on a sustainable and scalable level. These products are not just going to their intended audience, but the customers who are purchasing them are acting as relays to get more of the target demographic involved.

If you have ever purchased something that you absolutely loved and felt like you had to tell all your friends about, and then they also went out and made the same purchase and were equally pleased – that is what would be considered a product market fit. 

So How do You Find The Product Market Fit for Your Brand?

As is probably obvious, finding or rather proving product market fit for a brand or product is one of the highest achievements a brand can have. This is how you show the profitability of a product and its viability to not only be sustainable on the market but even scalable. Because of this, finding the product market fit is something that is a high priority for companies of all sizes. 

The unfortunate truth is that there is no ‘one way’ to find product market fit. In fact, this term is kind of elusive as this process looks different for each and every brand and product. When it comes down to it, time, hard work, and a lot of persistence is needed to prove product market fit for any product. Even the most successful products, like Apple’s line up of top-end electronics, had to prove themselves on the open market. 

In a lot of ways, the result of a product market fit isn’t up to the brand or the business, but up to the consumer. That being said, there are certain factors that can be invested in and tools that can be used to help companies understand how to achieve a product market fit for their brand. 

Advertising and Marketing

One of the most effective ways that a product will achieve product-market fit, is with effective, reliable advertising and marketing. Brand recognition and visibility belong to these departments, and it’s up to marketing teams to get a brand ‘out there’ and recognized. Otherwise, the product market fit may simply never take hold because the product never made it out to the target demographic. 

In the modern age, the digital world has presented a lot of unique opportunities for marketing teams to take advantage of. Social media and viral marketing create massive opportunities for exposure through influencers, and image search engines like Pinterest allow companies to give visual examples of their products. However, the most important impact that the digital age has made on marketing, is that of Google’s search engine.

Google has become the number one way that the world, in general, finds new information. There has never been a time in history when the average consumer had as much access as they do now. Google has become the method of finding directions, baking recipes, or even new relationships. 

But navigating Google does come with a learning curve. That’s why, when it comes to using Google to find your product market fit, using a Google ads agency could be the best move. By using professionals who know the four branches of Google Ads, which is one of the largest ad platforms on the globe, you can find out who your target audience is and how to best reach them. 

Be Willing to Listen

Another key to finding your product market fit is the willingness to listen to what your target audience is actually saying. This can be a difficult thing to do and something that takes some real skill and sacrifice. The good thing about success is that it is a long road. Very few successful brands have lasted the test of time simply by finding overnight success. No, this takes a lot of testing, trying, changing, and re-trying. 

Being willing to listen to your target audience and pivot as needed is key to creating a product that will have a product market fit. Remember, the goal is to create something that your audience loves so much – they become your biggest source of advertisement. This can take some trial and error, and that shouldn’t be a disappointment! 


When it comes to finding your brand’s product market fit, you should expect to settle in for the long haul. This process is one that will take a lot of work to achieve and is one of the highest achievements that a brand can have. The good news is that getting product market fit is well worth the effort. With professional help where you need it, and the willingness to listen and pivot to the needs of your target audience, you can find a product-market fit for your brand.