5 Practical NABERS Rating Facts

In a developed country like Australia, all developments (residential or non-residential) should offer economical, comfort, and health benefits to the occupants and society while being safe for the environment.

The two most popular schemes that help in blending building profits and sustainability are the BASIX certificate and NABERS.

While BASIX is strictly limited to residential properties, NABERS has helped various project owners, tenants, managers, builders throughout Australia to understand their development’s environmental impact.

With NABERS Rating, you can enhance their sustainability score, enjoy financial benefits and build your brand image in the industry.

What Is NABERS Rating?

NABERS (or the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a tool or approach for determining and measuring the environmental impact of new and existing developments in Australia.

The NABERS system is nationally recognised and has emerged as an industry-standard benchmarking technique. Your commercial developments can receive a rating between 0 and 6 stars )depending on the building design and sustainability performance)

The rating you’ll receive would be valid for 12 months, after which you need to apply for renewal.

What Are The NABERS Tools?

A NABERS rating determines the performance of your building or tenancies 0based on energy consumption, water usage, and waste generation) compared to similar buildings.

NABERS tools help you measure and determine the environmental impact of a building or tenancy. This enables you to develop new plans or modify existing plans for saving more energy, reducing waste, and improving water efficiency.

The NABERS tools include:

  • NABERS Energy Rating
  • NABERS Water Rating
  • NABERS Waste Rating (applicable only for offices)
  • NABERS Indoor Environment Rating

NABERS Energy rating is the most popular and widely recognised tool. You can choose one or more tools for rating your project.

Each of the NABERS tools has been specifically engineered to:

  • Offer a reliable and independent industry-standard benchmark
  • Determine the building sustainability through a simple and comprehensible star rating
  • Introduces market-leading practice by setting stretch targets and fulfilling the industry demands
  • Help you achieve true positive environmental outcomes.

Get your NABERS process and BASIX certificate assessment done by experienced and credible professionals for a simplified, fast and smooth process.

What Does The NABERS Star Rating Indicate?

The NABERS stars rating is done on a scale from 0-6.

6 Stars rating indicates industry-leading building performance

  • 5 Stars denotes excellent performance
  • 4 Stars indicates good performance and certain scopes for better outcomes
  • 3 Stars signifies average performance and a huge scope for improvement
  • 2 Stars denote below average sustainability performance
  • 1 Star denotes poor performance and environmental outcomes
  • 0 Stars indicates very poor performance, and major reconsideration needs to be taken for achieving a star rating.

When Do You Need A NABERS Rating?

NABERS itself is generally a voluntary scheme. However, certain initiatives introduced by the Australian Government make NABERS ratings mandatory.

You’ll need a NABERS rating under the following conditions:

  • You want to commercially promote or advertise your NABERS star rating for uplifting your project’s brand-value
  • Opting to lease, sub-lease, or sell your commercial property. (NABERS energy rating is mandatory)

According to the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program, any commercial development undergoing a sale or lease transaction with a net lettable area over 1000 square meters requires a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (commonly known as BEEC).

A BEEC constitutes TLA (Tenancy Lighting Assessment) and NABERS Energy Rating.

What Are The Benefits Of the NABERS Rating?

A NABERS rating empowers you to enhance your commercial building’s operational efficiency and productivity while highlighting your commitment to conserve the environment as well as optimise the tri-factors – financial, social, and environmental outcomes.

All these factors can be attained through minimising building energy consumption and operational costs over your development’s lifetime.

A NABERS accredited rating:

  • Delivers financial benefits to both occupants and owners, such as minimal operational costs, increased property value, improved rental revenue, and minimal vacancy rates.
  • Offers recognition in the industry, enhances brand value and gives your project a competitive advantage while operating in an environmentally efficient manner. You can confidently promote your project performance with renowned and reputable government certification.
  • Assists in developing a better and healthy work environment for employees translating into positive benefits for any company.
  • Meet tenant expectations and demands for greener buildings and sustainable workplaces. In fact, for leasing your space to high-paying and reliable government tenants, you’ll need a minimum of 4.5-star ratings.
  • Provides you with an independent, verified, and reliable tool for benchmarking and monitoring actual improvements in your building performance.