Take a Trip to Nostalgia Town with These Shows and Movies

Imagine it is Saturday, and you wake up feeling recharged and immediately turn on the TV to watch your favorite cartoon. While having breakfast, you enjoy the morning time because you have the weekend off from school. Everything is peaceful.

Unfortunately, these days we receive too many lemons from life. We get up with groggy eyes, go to work, and keep working until late at night – only to come back home with little to no entertainment in our life. This tiring routine keeps repeating itself over and over.

For a little cheer up, why don’t we take some time for our mental well-being? Let’s take a trip down memory lane, all the way to our childhood, to reminisce about the lost days.

Baby Looney Tunes

We’re sure that Baby Looney Tunes is a show you can never forget. Embedded in our hearts, Bugs, Lola, Sylvester, Tweety, Taz, Petunia, and Daffy will never be lost in our minds. The show made our childhood, and we interacted well with it. We learned most of the manners and life lessons from Baby Looney Tunes.

While Bugs encourages us to use our imagination, Lola makes us think that women can do most of the stuff that men can do. Tweety brings us hope with his logical thinking, and Taz teaches us to be mild-mannered yet still be a kid. Petunia makes us believe that we can get awesome stuff by saving money, and Daffy shows us how to deal with injustice. Though Daffy used to get a bit over the line, he taught us that having lovely people around us would always make our negative vibes fly away. As for Sylvester, well… he is the embodiment of us as children – craving attention all the time.

The smurfs

Released in 2011, our pre-teen selves streamed this movie religiously. We all remember everybody endorsing smurf-related school supplies in middle school. With the sudden rise of Smurfs, none of us was safe from the wave. But, all in all, it taught us never to be ashamed of ourselves. Each smurf in the movie was unique and embraced their own personality.

In middle school, almost all of us experienced some shame in acting as we were. But Smurfs never let it ruin their day, though each had some weakness. They made these faults to define them, just like Clumsy’s tripping, Jokey’s pranks, or Grouchy being in a bad mood. It encourages us to be proud of our qualities even if they are deemed stupid or idiotic by the people.

Smurfs were good at teaching us to be bold outside of our comfort zones. Even the scaredy smurfs always did something to help instead of cowering away from the problem. So our childhood was made confident, though a little, but by the didactic acts of Smurfs.

Scooby doo and guess who?

Though we can’t find the original Scooby doo on many streaming devices, you can catch up on the modernized version of the show. This show, riddled with mystery and comedic scenes, teaches us many things. During our childhood, we all faced a similar fear of monsters, but after realizing that monsters are humans in disguise – all thanks to Scooby Doo cartoon.

This modernized version of Scooby doo has 2 seasons with 52 episodes each. So, even if our children watch, it will keep them occupied. All the characters in Scooby doo never let any moment be boring with their constant bickering. Their jokes are hilariously satiric. Watching this show deeply reflects on our lives and makes us curious to know the actual monster and their purpose.

Mickey Mouse Funhouse

This timeless tale of Mickey and his friends never gets old. Disney’s oldest animation and the coolest character, Mickey mouse, stars in another spin-off of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. Needless to say, this version of Mickey and friends is still top-notch as it used to be in our childhood. Mickey Mouse doesn’t fail to keep our little ones occupied with a talking house and educational phrases.

How fun is it that Mickey Mouse and friends can go into a house full of adventure that can change into anything from a castle to a town! The team of Mickey helps each other, which builds their efforts into an exciting result. Definitely a classic in the history of cartoons.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?… Did you also sing that line like us? That is because SpongeBob has been an important aspect of our childhood. Set in a fictional sea, Bikini Bottom hosts many sea creatures like Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, etc. In an ironic atmosphere, SpongeBob cartoon teaches us various lessons. We may have never learned those as kids, but it was an entertaining cartoon to watch.

With fires and a beach under the sea, it felt like SpongeBob was us, and we were him. But, immersed in his character, we realize SpongeBob just wanted to teach us that friendship shouldn’t harbor any hurdles. That, with friendship, you can overcome any hardship.

After growing up, we discern that SpongeBob works in dead-end circumstances with a co-worker who detests him but is always optimistic. He always has a positive attitude toward his problems, no matter how big they are. His laugh always brings joy to us, whichever generation we are.

Where to Watch

You can watch these nostalgic cartoons all in one place. But, of course, Youtube TV hosts way more than just the cartoons we discussed. Though, if you don’t have access to it, you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction. That way, you can easily stream YouTube TV in Philippines.

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