5 Comic Book Based Cartoons You Need to Watch

Nothing gives a true comic book lover more pleasure than watching his/her favourite comic characters come to life in the form of animated shows and movies. The feeling that you get viewing the static comic book characters speaking and moving is just out of this world.

There are a lot of cartoon shows and movies out there that are based on comic books and you can watch plenty of these on kimcartoons, Netflix, etc. This article, however, is going to be about some of the best comic book-based cartoons that any comics fan should definitely check out.

The following list contains the top-rated cartoons which are loved by comic book enthusiasts across the world and that’s why you should check these out too.

Young Justice

This great cartoon show is about a new generation of superheroes who are trying their best to fit into the justice league organisation. The series developers paid so much attention to keeping the character designs and the fight sequences as they were in the comics.

Many Young heroes like Super Boy, Robin, Mis Martian, Aqua lad, Kid Flash, and others have been introduced which gives you a new perspective on superhero lives and struggles. The series is totally worth your time for its cool superhero action, powerful villains, and interesting plot.

The plot of Young Justice cartoon series is almost the same as what you find in the comic books. Although there have been some minor changes made but they make things more interesting.

X-Men: The Animated Series

The show dates back to 1992 but considering the technology at that time, it has some pretty good fight sequences and neat character designs. The show follows the comic book very carefully without leaving any details.

The main characters include wolverine, cyclopes, storm, beast, professor X, and some others who are up against mutant killer robots being developed by humans.

The series has many other smaller plots and adventures involving some other Marvel characters like Hulk, and spider man, etc. Watch this fun and action-filled show if you loved the X-Men comics as a kid and have limitless fun.

There have been many Cartoon Series Adaptations made for X-Men series and they are all worth watching in our opinion. You can find these series on various free and paid cartoon websites.

Justice League Unlimited

This animated series garnered great popularity among comic book fans. The reason was that it included more than 100 different superheroes alongside the founding members of the justice league.

Many writers and comic artists worked together to add more and more superheroes from the comics to this show and it worked really well. Each episode involved a bunch of heroes grouped together to complete a certain mission assigned to them by the Justice League.

This comic book series is one of the most popular ones in the world. If you liked the comic book, then you are going to love the animated version of it.

The Tick

This comic book told a very unique story of a near-invincible superhero who passes his test from the National Super Institute and is appointed in a big city as a protector. The animated series takes that same storyline and makes it look even more cool and fun. This show is available for free on tamil moviesda.

The Tick along with his sidekick Arthur fights against evil forces such as El Seed, Chairface, Breadmaster, and many others. The show also has a humorous side to it which makes it even more fun.

The series has cool action sequences, witty comebacks, and a great plot to keep you busy and entertained for a long time.


This 1994 series is considered one of the best-animated adaptations of spiderman. The series begins after spiderman has already found his powers and is now adjusting to his new lifestyle as a college student, part-time photographer, and a superhero.

The show has many typical spiderman villains including Green Goblin, Venom, Mysterio, Shocker, and Doctor Octopus, etc, and features some prominent Marvel heroes such as Iron Man, Dare Devil, X-Men, and Fantastic Four, etc in some episodes as well.

The show has many cool action scenes, comedic interactions, cool character designs, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Check out these totally amazing comic book adaptations to have a fun time, and a great experience of seeing your favourite characters come alive. All these shows have been received well by the viewers and critics alike and that is why we really think that they are worth your time. In this era of technology, people more love to watch movies than reading book.

We hope that this article helps you to find the best comic book-based cartoon show to watch soon. So, try out these cool animate shows and stay with us for more such exciting stuff to come.