A Beginner’s Guide To Playing Dungeons And Dragons

You have probably heard about Dungeons and Dragons, it’s been very popular since Stranger Things has come out, and more and more people have picked up interest in this offline, sociable game that stimulates the imagination. 

Thedungeonrats.com is a good place to start if you want to get your teeth into some D&D and start off with. It is a good idea to do some research to get into it, as it is well worth getting that inside knowledge before you start. 

We have to admit, when you have no experience before, D&D can be a complicated game, and you will need a few things to get started and on your way to understanding how it all works.  

How Does D&D Work?

The very central core of D&D is all about creativity and telling a story. The players basically tell a story through their collective selves, they guide heroes through quests to search for glory and honor, gain treasure and fight off brutal enemies. 

The adventure is only limited by your imagination. All you need is a group, a good DM, and some supplies. 

What Is A Dungeon Master?

Dungeon Master, DM, whatever you want to call this role, is the primary storyteller and the creator of the journey and adventure you go on are the heroes will go on, and then they are responsible for developing the goals for players, the setting, and the rewards. 

It is the Dungeon Master’s job to create a good and fun adventure for the group, ensuring it is challenging but still exciting and fun and that the primary objective of the game is for each player to work with one another to survive in the setting they have been placed into.

What You Need?

Before you get started you may need to gather a few things. 

You need to have: 

  • Pencils.
  • One set of Dice: D20, D8, D6, D4, and a D10. 
  • The adventure. 
  • The player’s handbook.
  • Printed out character sheets (a character sheet available). 
  • Willpower.

Picking An Adventure

The adventure which is taken will be a pre-designed book which makes up a story with the fictional monsters and characters

For the first ever adventure, it is suggested that you select a simple one-shot instead of a hefty multiple day campaign. 

A one-shot will often come with much lower commitment, and it will take much less work to get going. 

You want to start off with a simple D&D starter set, with a decently curated box which contains a rule book, pre-made character, and some dice. It is just a short adventure which provides a very easy way to get into the game. 

You should also start off with a well experienced Dungeon Master who can customize your adventure for you and your group. With someone who is experienced you will get extra help and a better experience overall. 

Making Your Character

Before you dive into your adventure you need to create your hero. You need to select a species, then a class (which is basically your hero’s job or specialty). In order to start out, you want to get a character sheet, this will be used to track the strength, weakness and so on, for each hero. 

It is important to fill in other details as well, including what they look like, wear, and the other details which make them special. 

The hero will also need a purpose that will bring them into adventure. 

Getting Started With Game Mechanics.

The Player’s Handbook is huge which makes D&D seem super complex, but it is not so bad. 

There are 3 processes. 

  • Description: The DM will describe the adventure’s scenario.  
  • Decide: The heroes will decide how they want to react to the scenario they have been presented with. 
  • Roll: The hero will roll their dice, this will determine if they fail or succeed. 

After this, the different steps will go on. Taking your heroes on their legendary adventure. The decisions the people make will alter the game, making it unique and making it special. It ensures that the game is special/ 


Once you get started in D&D you will be all wrapped up in the world, and will have so many options on how to enjoy your new gaming experience. 

It is not always easy as you start up in it, but it can be very fun, the Player’s Handbook can help you get started as well as a good DM and a good team.