Successful Delegating Process for Asif Ali Gohar and His Rice Leather Business

Each entrepreneur or manager is going to run into issues where they will need to delegate tasks, they will have to find a way to choose what task is delegated to what department or employee, and how to do that fairly in the future. Asif Ali Gohar has outlined his own process for delegation that has worked for him in the past years and that he feels confident will work in the future.

What caused you to form a full process for delegating things?

I realized that it wouldn’t be maintainable for me to just decide the first person I saw would be up for the next job I needed done. I couldn’t do everything myself, and I can delegate to managers and allow them to pass it to someone else but then I need to send it to the right manager.
I decided to make a full process and a chart that I could use until I was comfortable with it.

How were you able to determine which steps would be next?

I just sat and thought about how I had been doing it, and how the managers decide what task gets sent to which person, and then I combined those. My process plus theirs was able to offer me a plan I can follow each time. I began with the first step, list out all of the parts of the task that I am delegating so I know I am looking at it as a whole and considering all aspects. Then I think of who on my team might be the best fit, or what department fits best. As the company grows it’s more about what department than anything, so I can narrow down the candidates. Next, I consider which team will be the best fit for it based upon what they are already working on. From there, I allow my manager on that team to use the same process to determine who they will give the task to or if it is something they need to do themself.

Do you use the same process each time?

I do! I think the consistency is key both for me being able to move through the process and then move on, and for the employees so they know what they are likely to be considered for and what type of things they may be asked to do, without it becoming confusing.

I have also added more details to determining in what order things should be done and how they can further delegate portions to make them easier or faster. I offer this to all the people on the team so the entire company can be on the same page and are able to make their decisions easily as well. It has created a cohesive decision making process in the company and I have found that it is beneficial for everyone. Some of them may even be automated with some programs, so it will send the task to the best fit for the job and we simply check and ensure it went to the right person.

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