What Does an SEO Audit Tell You

Any marketing strategy needs to start with data. Without analyzing how your website currently rates against the competition, you can’t work out where to go next. An SEO agency will not only do a full audit for you to give you your current state. They’ll also advise you on your potential quick wins and next steps for a long term strategy. In fact, working with a marketing agency can transform your website such that you’ll see your conversion rates multiply.

What to Expect from an SEO Audit

First, an SEO agency analyzes your website for key issues. From there, they’ll review your mid and long term goals. That then helps them close the gap between what your website looks like today and what it will look like to drive sales.

An SEO audit doesn’t just check your content. In addition, an SEO agency looks at the structure of your website as well as the overall look and feel of it. With all that data, they’ll recommend measurable and realistic actions to drive your goals and revenue.

A proper audit could take several weeks and will be tailored according to your industry and business. Regardless, you can expect the following categories to be reviewed by a top SEO agency:

  • Technical feedback
  • On-page and off-page
  • Assessment of your customer journey

Technical Feedback

First, it’s important to understand both the computer and mobile views of your website. Now that people are increasingly searching the web with their mobiles, you don’t want to put people off because it doesn’t scroll properly.

Other technical features an SEO agency will verify are loading speed, URL structure, redirects and duplication, among others. They’ll also check the crawl-ability and indexing ease of your site. These are how search engines find and catalogue your website.

On-page and Off-page

Of course, you’d expect your SEO agency to check the status of any off-page backlinks. They’ll do so much more though including your on-page keyword research, metadata analysis, internal linking and overall content structure.

Assessment of Your Customer Journey

The most important aspect of your website is how customers respond to it. Gone are the days of a simple form explaining your business. Today it’s all about the experience. Moreover, an SEO agency knows the latest trends in capturing customer attention throughout your conversion funnel.

SEO Agency Optimization Strategies

The first step for an audit is to run a full crawl of your site as if your SEO agency were a search engine. This will show them any broken links or anything that can’t be indexed properly. Of course, they’ll also review what needs to be done to optimise each page.

All of this activity is critical if you want to optimise your conversion rates. Without an SEO agency, you run the risk of losing organic traffic and potential sales. Clearly, you can find some online tools to do a mini-audit check. Nevertheless, without an SEO agency’s expertise, you’ll only barely touch the surface. You need several hours or days of in-depth analysis if you want to make a difference in your online presence.

Moreover, an SEO agency can improve your conversion rate by implementing optimization strategies. To give you an idea, these include some or all of the following, among others:

  • A/B testing your landing page
  • Customer development
  • Call-to-action

A/B Testing Your Landing Page

The first impression people get is the most important. This will drive them to stay or to bounce out of your site onto another one. To get your landing page right, an SEO agency will often conduct a test where two slightly different versions are shown to potential customers. The pages are then rated according to response and potential conversion rates.

Customer Development

It’s important to know your customer so that you can give them exactly what they want or, even better, what they dream of. An SEO agency can conduct that research for you and recommend the best keywords for your potential customers. This means that your pages will be optimised perfectly for your ideal visitor.


Another important tool an SEO agency can advise you on is how to use and optimize your call-to-action buttonFs. Naturally, you don’t want to overdo it. At the same time, your potential customer needs to understand what their next steps are.

Parting Words on an SEO Agency Doing an Audit

An SEO audit is vital if you want to run a successful online business. The advantage of working with an SEO agency rather than doing it yourself is that they have the tools to go to much deeper levels of insight. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities.

Moreover, an SEO agency can support you with recommendations to transform your conversion rates. They’ll work with you to define your business goals and align your SEO actions accordingly. Thanks to the experts, your website will be that much more visible. Most importantly, it will offer an amazing experience to your visitors.