7 Smart Hacks to Maximize your Productivity

Productivity has become a buzzword in this faster-moving world. Be it businessmen, employees, students, or any individual performance metrics, These should always seem to improve. This is the reason why a lot of productivity applications and philosophies are trending.

Regardless of productivity hacker tools are at our disposal and, some distractions prevail & ruin the plan. Let’s focus on some evergreen ways to smartly manage your 24 hours & achieve your dream productivity spirit.

By the time you end up reading this blog, we bet you’ll bookmark it whether you’re an entrepreneur, digital worker, or anyone who is struggling to be productive. Also, let us tell you that implementing these tips will be more fruitful using wakefulness promoters like Modalert.

First things first: Change your habits that stop you from being productive

It happens a lot of times that we’re only focusing on being productive, but with the same routine. We forget that to achieve something different, but we must adopt unique strategies. So, let’s start with your routine shuffle.

Look out for every task you perform during the day, the time it takes to accomplish those tasks, and see if you can reprogram them to stretch productivity. Also, strive to be smartly busy instead of pretending to be busy. This attitude change will help you tick off each task on your to-do list. Moreover, you’ll be unloading so much from your mental workload.

Now, let’s begin with our much-awaited productivity hack list.

7 Quick Tips to Supercharge your Productivity

Attempt one task at a time

A lot of people think that multitasking is the only way to get more tasks done in a short span. It is one of the biggest myths. People desperate to save time often end up anxious with incomplete tasks just because of multitasking.

So, instead of being a sucker for multitasking, take it one task at a time. In case if you’re struggling hard to focus or stay alert, then you may try Waklert.

Take it one day at a time.

Setting monthly goals is a good idea, but setting daily goals is a realistic approach. You know what you’re up to for tomorrow or today. Planning your day is a more effective technique than planning your week.

This helps you retrain your concentration, set priorities for the task, stay encouraged to accomplish goals and have room for uncertainties too. Using Modalert 200 per day will maximize your capability to tackle daily challenges with enhanced cognitive abilities. Additionally, you can improve memory retention & feel full of energy to achieve goals every day.

Try Pomodoro Technique

It’s impossible that productivity chatter is going on & the Pomodoro technique isn’t discussed. Anyone can catch up to this real productivity hacking technique. Using this hack, you just have to break bigger tasks into smaller batches & accomplish them with frequent breaks.

Pomodoro technique intends to maintain productivity & creativity levels without making you feel exhausted.

Adopt a 2-minute Rule.

Small & unintended tasks may keep popping up throughout the day. However, you will not like them to hinder your productivity by wasting time attempting them. So, make this rule that small tasks should be completed within two minutes only. In case if the task can take more than two minutes, then you can add it to your to-do list if it isn’t a priority.

Use Smart Drugs

Smart drugs aka limitless pills are popular choices for biohacking amongst productivity enthusiasts. Oral medications like Modvigil are often used for maximizing focus and concentration. They also enhance cognitive functions, give an energy boost, improve memory power, and make you high on life.

These smart drugs are available online & can be purchased on prescription too.

Reattempt your Deadlines

Do you know? Even if you have a lot of time to do a task, you’ll still do it in the given amount of time only. This means that if you have a year to complete a task, it will take a year to do it. But, if you have got 2 hours, you’ll do it within 2 hours anyhow. So, set realistic deadlines & don’t get lazy in doing tasks.

This makes room for more tasks & you’ll become more productive gradually.

Ignore ‘Perfectionism’

Noting ends up ‘perfect’. In other words, what’s perfect at your end may still have flaws according to your clients. Simply have faith in whatever you do & give your best efforts. Striving for perfectionism will only lead to procrastination. Moreover, you may develop a fear of failure that further paralyzes your mindset. Develop the feelings of self-compassion instead.

The Takeaway

Last but not the least, implement this rule – “Work smart, not hard”. Considering this, you’ll get to know that the most successful people may either be using limitless pills like Artvigil. Otherwise, they know the importance of maximizing efficiency to maximize productivity.

We hope this read helps!