Everything You Need to Know About Blockster – The Crypto-Friendly Social Network

If you’ve been following Digitex recently, you’re already familiar with Blockfunder, our brand-new IEO platform. Beginning with our in-house platform, Blockster, the go-to social network for crypto specialists, we’ll be helping to fast-track and support innovative crypto projects through Blockfunder.

What Is Blockster, and Why Should You Care?

Blockster is a one-stop-shop for all things crypto and blockchain, with a particular emphasis on generating revenue. On Blockster, powered by user-generated content, you can establish your profile, connect to a growing network of like-minded people, post articles to the Blockdesk blog, host video chats, create groups, and keep up with the latest news via a Facebook-style news feed.

Blocks include Blockwatch, a cryptocurrency data aggregator similar to CoinMarketCap that keeps track of the top 500 currencies’ price movements. A mobile app and a hot NFT marketplace are also on the way, allowing you to trade some of the most intriguing digital artifacts.

There’s even a Blockademy section dedicated to education and learning, an ever-growing knowledge base of articles, tips, and how-to videos on all things crypto. Unlike some other platforms, Blockademy emphasizes open learning and is the ideal location for newbies and experts alike to join together to learn more about digital assets.

Blockbuster offers everything under one roof when cryptocurrency grows more widespread, and existing players must travel multiple social networks to find the information they seek. Blockster will become the go-to network for crypto, with a fully-featured social network that will establish partnerships with all of the significant personalities and crypto projects in the industry and all of the features of Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Twitter, CoinMarketCap, and more.

Token BXR (Blockster)

The Blocks (BXR) token is the Blockster network’s native utility token, which will settle all transactions in the ecosystem and allow holders to participate in staking programs to increase their earnings. Advertisers will utilize BXR to market their projects to a highly focused and engaged audience without fear of being removed from the platform or restricted. BXR will also be utilized for other platform activities like tipping content, purchasing NFTs and other services, and voting on essential platform issues.

Stakeholders of BXR will receive 20% of the platform’s advertising revenue. The higher the advertising rates and staking rewards are, the more users the network attracts. On the Digitex market, BXR holders can also use the Blockfarm yield farming platform to stake their tokens.

All traffic from the Blockster site will be diverted to the Digitex exchange, where users can trade for free or earn incentives through our different staking schemes. As both the social network and the business expand in popularity, this will benefit all of the tokens listed on Digitex, creating a continual positive feedback loop.

Token Sale for BXR (BXR)

Blockbuster has been in the works for more than a year and is now in the final testing phases. The Blockfunder token sale will begin on Monday, June 7, held in six rounds.

As you can see in the figure above, the earlier you engage in the BXR token sale, the higher value you will receive for your money. The price of the BXR token will begin at and gradually rise throughout the six phases. Because one of our key goals with Blockfunder is to boost the usefulness of the DGTX token, we will only take DGTX as payment during three of the six phases, providing us the opportunity to collect a large portion of the DGTX circulating supply and allow it to recoup value.

Make BXR by referring friends.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about Blockster’s goals and that you’ll join us for the token sale on Monday. Remember to mention your friends if you want to earn extra BXR tokens! You can earn 10% of all BXR purchases made by your friends with our generous referral program.

Final Thoughts

Blockster is the missing social network in the crypto arena, bringing together all forms of information and essential functions in one place and connecting it to our zero-fee trading and staking platform. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to participate in the early phases of this fantastic business by registering for the token sale and receiving your referral link. For more info click on the link