Everything you need to know about Spectrum Silver channels

Spectrum TV has made a name for itself in the TV network all over the US. Currently, they serve over 28 million customers all across the nation of the US alone. The spectrum TV network is a part of Charter Communications. Spectrum also offers internet bundle packages along with TV. If you choose to go for the Internet bundle packages, you have to pay a minimum amount to avail the services of the internet, phone as well as TV every month.

At the moment, Spectrum TV has three different TV networks available for its users—the Spectrum TV Select option, the Spectrum TV Silver option and finally, the Spectrum TV Gold option. 

Let’s check out the features of the Spectrum TV Silver package

  • The subscription method of the Spectrum TV Silver package is very easy
  • There are over 175 channels available to the users.
  • The cost of Spectrum TV Silver is pretty nominal and budget-friendly. They only charge $74.99 every month for 12 months.
  • The internet services are excellent. Any time you face any issue or problem with your internet or TV, you can just call up their customer service section. They will be happy to help.
  • Spectrum TV Silver has many amazing channels like Showtime, Nick Jr, NFL network, HBO max, and so many more.
  • This plan also comes with a free HD option.
  • Customers are allowed to enjoy thousands of on-demand titles depending on their preferences, needs and wants.
  • There are no risks or contracts included in the package.

The best part of the Spectrum Silver network is that they give you over 175 channels to choose from. You can avail the best possible channels in terms of sports, kids, entertainment, education, history and finally movies. However, the offer of Spectrum TV Silver does not end here. If you decide to go for Spectrum Silver channels, you will also be able to avail yourself of amazing channels like Showtime, HBO max, et cetera. As a customer of Spectrum TV Silver, you will also be given access to the Spectrum TV app. This will allow you to keep a tab on your episodes and TV shows even when you are on the move by watching them on your smartphone.

Spectrum has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy in place. If you do not like their channels or if you face any issue, you can ask for your money within 30 days of subscription.

Possibly the best part of the Spectrum TV package is that the customers are allowed to avail a free ‘primetime on demand’ feature. The primetime on-demand feature is crucial for people who have very busy lives. This feature allows the viewer to watch their favourite TV shows on primetime at absolutely no extra cost. All you got to do is just set your TV show to be shown and the specific time of the day when you’ll be free. Furthermore, if you decide to go with Spectrum TV Silver, you will be able to watch all pay per view shows and content as well.

The internet bundle packages and Spectrum TV Silver

In the current scenario, only having a TV network is not enough for any household. An internet connection is a must as well. Spectrum has you covered in this regard. If you opt for Spectrum TV Silver, you can just pair it up with an Internet bundle package as well. The reason Spectrum stands out from all the other TV service providers is because Spectrum uses a hybrid fibre-coaxial infrastructure. This allows the company to deliver superfast internet speeds to their users. If you are by chance living in an area where the fibre-coaxial infrastructure is not available, the network will automatically switch over to cable wires without causing any reduction in your internet connection in terms of quality or speed.

Following are the benefits of the Spectrum Silver and internet packages

  • You will be able to avail over 175 channels
  • Free HD is available for all their customers.
  • You get to watch live TV on the Spectrum TV app.
  • Download speeds go all the way up to 200 MBPS. 
  • There is the availability of unlimited data
  • Free internet modem with the plan
  • Antivirus software is also included in the plan. 
  • The plan comes with the nationwide and long-distance calling.
  • The prices are extremely budget-friendly and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

When you come back home after a long and hectic day at work, the first thing that hits your mind is relaxation and watching TV. Spectrum has you covered in this regard. Set your favourite TV shows to primetime so you can watch them the moment you get back home. Therefore, Spectrum TV Silver and the internet bundle package is the opinion you should avail.