Vinyl Flooring – Best Interior Design Ideas

Vinyl flooring has become very popular for modern interior design lately. By the year 2028, the global vinyl flooring market is expected to reach $51.45 billion. More and more designers and homeowners are seeing that vinyl floors are versatile, durable, and easy on your wallet.

In this blog article, we will explore creative ways to use vinyl floors in modern homes. Vinyl can look sleek in open spaces or have fun patterns in bedrooms. It works with all different design styles. I will share some valuable numbers and new ideas to help you with your next interior design project.

Vinyl Flooring: A Versatile and Durable Option

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a type of flooring made from a tough plastic material that is called vinyl or PVC. Vinyl makes floors not only affordable but also attractive, easy to install, and durable. Vinyl floors are one of the most common flooring choices for homes and businesses. They can be a great option for many rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more.

Looks Like Wood or Tile

One reason vinyl flooring is so popular is that it can be made to look like wood planks or ceramic tiles. Manufacturers print designs and textures onto the vinyl to mimic other materials at a lower cost. So you can get the appearance of natural materials you like without paying as much. Vinyl also comes in solid colors if you prefer a simple, clean look.

Withstands Plenty of Use

Vinyl is extremely durable against heavy foot traffic, spills, accidents, temperature changes, and moisture. It holds up very well over time, even in busy family homes with kids and pets. The waterproof and stain-resistant surface is easy to wipe clean. Vinyl won’t chip, crack, or warp like hard surface flooring. This makes it an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Easy Installation

One major perk of vinyl flooring is that it’s one of the easiest flooring types to install. Many vinyl products designed for home use have adhesive backing or click together easily without glue. This floating floor system allows DIY homeowners to avoid dealing with wet adhesives, while professional installers can get the job done faster. Either way, you’ll have new floors underfoot more quickly than installing tile or hardwood.

An Affordable Option

Cost is a major advantage of vinyl flooring, too. Vinyl is much more affordable than most other flooring materials. It provides a durable and attractive solution on a reasonable budget. Look at the data below that shows the percentage of Vinyl floor popularity due to its affordability: 

Data Source: Statista

With all the great vinyl choices available today, there are options families can afford, regardless of their price range. And it can still provide long-lasting beauty and functionality.

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Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Where Family and Friends Gather

The living room is usually the main room in a home where family and friends get together. It needs floors that are not only nice-looking but also durable. Vinyl is great here. Waterproof vinyl planks can recreate the handsome look of real wood. New technologies help the planks stay pretty even after some wear and tear. You can find vinyl that replicates the look of light birch, beachy whitewashed wood, and more.  

Creative Accent Walls

To make an open floor plan more interesting, try a vinyl accent wall behind the couch. Put horizontal planks next to vertical ones to make part of the room stand out. Add lush green plants on top and art on the wall for an eye-catching feature space.

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Design Ideas for Kitchens  

Durable Flooring Withstands Heavy Use

Kitchens tend to get used a lot every day. So they need floors that can take heavy daily traffic. There are not many options compared to quality vinyl when it comes to durability. Waterproofing and scratch-guard technologies help vinyl floors stay great-looking for years.  

Creativity Beyond the Basics 

Sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles make sense for home kitchens since they are easy to clean. But don’t be boring. Add an artsy abstract tile design behind the stove for added flair. Or use one vivid color on the floors, backsplash, and counter to tie it all together. Mimic wood or stone with vinyl that looks strikingly real. Versatile vinyl floors allow designs from basic to bold.

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Vertical Vinyl Applications

Use vinyl on kitchen walls, too, in addition to floors. Waterproof vinyl plank wainscoting is more durable than beadboard. Pair it with painted or wallpapered upper walls for contrast and texture. 

Extend vinyl plank flooring up the entire wall for a sleek, modern look. Get creative by mixing navy blue accent walls with cream plank floors. Popular patterned and metallic vinyl backsplashes inject style behind stoves. Eco-friendly vinyl backsplashes let gorgeous stones like malachite sparkle without new mining.  

Remarkable Realism Unlocks Creativity

With better printing unlocking remarkable realism, creativity is endless for designer kitchen floors, walls, and backsplashes. Count on durable vinyl floors while having artistic fun on vertical surfaces!  

Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Practical Performance 

Quality vinyl floors offer peace of mind in bathrooms with waterproofing and slip resistance. Don’t overlook the role vinyl plays in setting the mood, too. Warm wood tones create a spa feel, and cool greys refresh. Planks can be placed vertically on walls as wainscoting or horizontally on floors for depth. Abstract aqua tile patterns produce a calm underwater vibe.

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Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Practical Bedroom Flooring

Bedrooms need a cozy feel for quality sleep. Vinyl planks often work well. Their easy-clean surfaces handle spills and scuffs. Advanced printing mimics prettier wood and stone looks. Neutral vinyl with plush rugs encourages restful sleep.  

Infuse Personality

Don’t hesitate to make bedrooms unique with vinyl. Teens might like energetic colors or temporary floor graphics. Switch from simple to snaky patterns on a bohemian floor. Playful vinyl floors allow personalized bedroom design.


Vinyl flooring offers many creative ways to design modern rooms. Given the abundance of colors, textures, and patterns available, vinyl floors can complement any decor style. Their affordability allows for bold and experimental design choices.

Whether you want a minimalist loft look, retro diner style, urban industrial feel, or a cozy cottage vibe, vinyl floors let your inner designer run free. With a little imagination, vinyl’s versatility and durability make it the perfect base for any contemporary interior you can dream up. The possibilities are endless when you use vinyl flooring in clever, unique ways.

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