Why Vapes Are the Latest Fashion Accessory

It’s no mystery that multimedia and the big screen have always set the trend when it comes to fashion and designer accessories. Just think about the influence of the femme fatale with a cigarette in a holder or a powerful man smoking a cigar.

Smoking was a statement used in several ways in a storyline or plot. However, smoking has all but disappeared from our screens. 

It’s almost impossible to get a new advertisement approved that features cigarette smoking, a habit usually omitted from modern drama. Only old films feature smoking.

Now vaping has appeared to fill the gap on both large and small screens as it has become increasingly representative of modern life. 

Not just a practical piece of kit, a vape device is a style statement, a lifestyle choice, and the latest thing when it comes to accessorizing.

Modern Styling

In the same way cigarette smoking suggested style and influence, even down to the choice of brand in the 20th century, modern vaping has filled that void.

Take a look at the range of devices and vape flavors on a site like RELX Vape. It’s easy to see how users can stylize the act of vaping and the choice of accessories to create a statement or classy accessory.

Choose colors and designs to suit the occasion or to match an outfit. A vape device is essential to creating ‘that look’ as shoes or a phone case. 

Companies and retailers are now increasing their focus on how the vape looks and performs, particularly as vaping appears more commonly in big-screen movies.

The Link between Tech and Fashion

Tech marks the user as being at the cutting edge. The more electronic devices a person has, the more on-trend and fashionable they are. Vapes form part of the tech suite of phones and tablets and are both a practical device and a style statement, fusing fashion with function.

Vaping is as modern and cutting-edge as it gets, which matters to the millennials who have embraced vaping into their look and culture.

The World Health Organization reports that there were approximately 35 million vapers in 2016 – a rise of 7 million from 2011. 

The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR) 2021 report estimated the number of vapers worldwide, which it calculated was 68 million. It is a growing market segment that designers and fashionistas cannot afford to ignore.

In 2016, vapes made their debut in New York at the General Idea fashion show, appearing on the runway. It wasn’t long before fashion brands started to home in on vape culture with strategically placed pockets for vapers and vape-inspired designs.

Other brands are producing ‘smoke wear,’ which is garments for vapers, essentially hoodies which allow a vaporizer to be attached to the hood’s laces.

Final Thoughts

The influence of smoking in the media was huge in its heyday. Now, vapes are replacing the traditional cigarette in terms of lifestyle influence and design. And the fashion industry is right there capitalizing on this new trend.

Dry herb vaporizers like mighty plus are also gaining popularity as a preferred way to get medicinal benefits form vaping dry herbs and than traditional smoking.

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