3 Most Popular Types of Men’s Leather Belts.

From securing or holding up pants to giving the ‘oomph’ factor to outfits, belts have been a part of men’s wardrobes for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, many men know little to nothing about belts other than they go around their waists. To help you get started on your journey toward belt enlightenment, here are the three most popular types of men’s leather belts.  

Full-Grain Leather Belts

Full-grain leather is leather that comes from the top layer of cowhide, which is a cow’s most robust and most durable part. Full-grain leather is not snuffed, buffed, or sanded, which means it displays the most natural characteristics of leather. 

Full-grain leather belts are popular because they are tough. They will resist tears, punctures, and scratches and are less prone to damage from activities of daily living, making them an optimum option for belts. Because full-grain leather belts are not shaved or trimmed to remove imperfections, they display all scratches and imperfections from the animal’s activities, like rubbing against a fence or insect bites. 

If you want a unique belt, a full-grain leather belt is perfect because it contains all the skin designs, patterns, marks, and scars and is not altered to take away from the natural appearance. For more information on leather belts, click here.

Calfskin Leather Belts

Calfskin leather, also known as calf leather, is a type of leather made from the skin of a calf or a young cow. Calfskin leather has smaller pores (almost indistinguishable), finer grain, is lighter and suppler than traditional leather, and is smoother than leather from older cows.

Calfskin leather belts are popular because they are soft and supple. When you pick a calfskin leather belt up, it will feel like butter in your hands and will have an elasticity that traditional leather does not. 

Calfskin leather belts are highly polished. When you hold a calfskin belt up to your face, you can see your reflection in it like a mirror. Calfskin leather belts also come in a wide variety, including burnished calf, suede calf, oiled calf, matte calf, and pebbled calf. 

Full-Grain Leather + Nylon Belts

Full-grain leather can be combined with nylon in a contemporary mix of materials to make a unique full-grain leather + nylon belt. If you want something unique without veering from the leather theme, a full-grain leather + nylon belt is ideal. 

Full-grain leather + nylon belts are popular because of the physical properties of nylon and leather that make them suitable for belts. Nylon can be woven into various shapes, is less susceptible to friction and abrasion, does not absorb moisture, and dries quickly.

Full-grain leather is a natural material. It has less flex, which means it provides more support and is highly resistant. When combined, full-grain leather + nylon make a unique belt that will last for years without withering away. 

Accessorize With the Right Leather Belt

Whether you are looking for a belt to wear for style or function, you can never go wrong with any of the above three options. Try any of these belts and get to keep your pants up or pull any outfit together.