5 Practical Tips to Help Turn Your Wedding Photos into Amazing Prints on Canvas

Weddings are amazing moments that mark a new beginning in the lives of two people willing to share their love forever. Such moments should not just be thrown away or swept under the carpet. Apart from the normal wedding photos hidden within the gallery, making amazing prints on Canvas will be a perfect way to start the journey forever. 

Are you willing to turn your wedding photos into amazing prints on canvas? Here are tips to help you out.

1. Choose the Right Wedding Photo

Selecting the right photo is important to creating a meaningful and beautiful wedding canvas art print. Take your time to search through your photo collection if you probably don’t have a photo in mind. Ensure you choose the one that speaks of memories of love and happy moments you will cherish for a lifetime.

Choosing the right wedding photo can be difficult at times, but it’s better if done with your spouse. You can start by gathering all your hard copy photos together, placing them on a plain surface, and sifting through until you get the photo of your choice.

2. Scan the Photo

Scan your wedding image to start the process of turning it into a canvas art piece.

Don’t give room to the temptation to go through a short cut and bypass this step. A quick photo with your phone camera will certainly not result in a perfect image. Instead, a flatbed scanner will be perfect for scanning images because it can provide a high enough DPI (dots per inch) to allow enlargement. At least you can start with 600 DPI.


3. Design Your Canvas

Having a service like Canvas on Demand, it’s simple to design aesthetic canvas art that celebrates your marriage daily. In designing your canvas, so many things are considered. The factors to be considered are:

  • Background

An image or a color can be a perfect design for your canvas background.

Background colors

Various colors tell different stories, particularly as touching a wedding ceremony and marriage in general. There are primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, neutral, and so on. Find out what color(s) best fit your desires. Also, think of a good color combination that will make your wedding canvas art look attractive.

  • Background images

To use an image as your canvas background, follow these procedures

  1. First, introduce a grid. Once laid on a grid, images can be adjusted, cropped, resized, flipped, and layered to give a variety of visual weights.
  2. Next, search for suitable Images or upload your own. 
  3. Then drag and drop your image onto the grid: it will snap to fit.
  4. Since the goal is to have a wedding art canvas, the images to be used should be the selected image and this is the same image to be printed out.
  5. However, adding filters to change the photo’s brightness, saturation, and clarity will be a good idea. This can help when inputting text and elements.

4. Print Your Canvas

Have a beautiful canvas art print using the wedding photos of your choice. All you have to do is upload the new digital file of your photo, pick your size, and adjust it correctly on the canvas.

Once you have your image in place, check it out and add it to your cart. This new and beautiful canvas is ready to be used.

5. Use Wedding Art Canvas as Home Decor

Your new canvas art can be used to give the desired aesthetic design for your home decor. It can be placed on the space behind the couch in the sitting room or the bedroom.

Summarily, creating amazing photo prints on canvas art with your wedding picture is very much possible and easy too. Give your home an exclusive look and preserve the amazing memories of your wedding by trying it out today!