Top 3 best WhatsApp mods APK for Android 2022

This article is about the top 3 best WhatsApp mods APK for Android 2022. By reading this complete guide, you will be able to know what are the top 3 WhatsApp mods in 2022 that are best for your Android devices.

There are many applications available in the market like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. WhatsApp is very popular because of its features but now there are WhatsApp mods with additional features. WhatsApp mods are best for users and have advanced features.

Top 3 best WhatsApp mods APK for Android 2022

This list of the top 3 WhatsApp mods is based on the downloads of these mods. As you know, people like to download those apps which are good and have advanced features that’s why their numbers of downloads show how good these apps are.

Look at this list in which we have selected 3 WhatsApp mods based on their popularity.

  1. GBWhatsApp
  2. FM WhatsApp
  3. WhatsApp Plus


GBWhatsApp is the first WhatsApp mod that is generally updated today. It is a more impressive customized version of WhatsApp which may be GBWhatsApp like OGWhatsApp, but it has many better functions.

It has a modified user interface for additional features and uses the same license and protocols as WhatsApp. In simple words, this mode offers almost everything including chat, voice calls, and video calls. The mod also lets you share your live location, files, contacts, and media files.

Once installed, you can continue to use GBWhatsApp as a completely standalone chat app with a new number. GBWhatsapp comes with lots of features and more improvements. Also, it has many new features and a better privacy policy.

You can use this app to explore the hidden features of WhatsApp. The best app to enjoy two different accounts on the same device. You can hide your online status, send large video files, and send more than 90 photos at once instead of 10 photos on WhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsApp

·         Once marked as open for viewing.

·         Send bulk messages with images/videos.

·         Copy caption from photo/video.

· One-time download to view photos/videos on WhatsApp.

·         One Time View Counter – View an unlimited number of photos/videos “one time”.

·         Click to highlight the status displayed.

·         Anti-Ban – Your account will no longer be banned. If your account is banned, back up and uninstall this app. Then reinstall it.

·         You can send private replies to groups.

·         Add stickers from third-party apps.


FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD application developed by an independent developer named Fawad Mikdad. This app was made to free people from the restrictions on WhatsApp restrictions and excessive usage. Apart from adding restrictions, there are many other privacy and personalization features available in FM WhatsApp for Android.

The most useful feature of FMWhatsApp is that you can download the status directly. Save any video or photo status directly from FMWhatsApp. Additional features like hiding online status, disabling WhatsApp internet, sending bulk messages, scheduling messages, etc make the app more useful.

Features of FMWhatsApp

·         Install up to 100 chats (3 in official WhatsApp).

·         Filter calls to allow only certain contacts to call you.

·         Disable message recall so that the sender cannot delete the message.

·         Use the app without rooting your Android device.

·         Save to gallery option when media visibility is off.

·         New Contact user interface design.

·         Status View Toast – Know instantly when people are viewing your status.

·         Show the total number of messages in the All Messages display screen.

·         Once marked as open for viewing.

·         Send bulk messages with images/videos.

· One-time download for viewing images/videos.

·         One Time View Counter – View an unlimited number of photos/videos “one time”.

·         New attachment picker

·         Option to remove “Read more…” and show longer messages in full

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular Android apps. This WhatsApp application is developed by a developer called Omar. It comes with a new and amazing feature that hides the last seen and many other tricks which you will like it very much

You can also change the theme for WhatsApp and share it easily with your friends by sharing theme.xml files. They can quickly upload these files to their Android device. You can easily add WhatsApp Plus to your Android device without making many changes to your original WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod comes with a lot of cool features, which you will not find in other WhatsApp applications.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

·         Sort messages by newest/oldest.

·         Send personalized responses in groups.

·         The chat limit increased from 25 to 30.

·         Stickers enabled, you can now send stickers via WhatsApp Plus.

·         If you forward the message, the tag will not be forwarded to anyone else.

·         Increasing the forward limit for Indian customers.

·         Swipe to answer enabled group video calls.

·         Receive notifications about canceled messages.

·         Swipe up to lock the voice message recording.

·         Play the video with your favorite video player.

·         UPI payment facility enabled.

·         Manage search group participants, group administrators, and group settings are enabled.

·         An auto-reply feature has been added, so you can automatically send replies to your contacts.

·         Ability to add group details on WhatsApp.

·         Added DND option to disable all incoming and outgoing SMS.

·         Increase the video range in position.

·         Active group information settings.

·         Hide saw a blue tick and a second tick.

·         Filter specific messages when scanning chats.

·         Anti-cancel message mode can prevent others from deleting the message you sent.

·         Uninstall multiple WhatsApp messages at once.

·         You can recall WhatsApp messages, message schedules, and more.


So this was all about the top 3 best WhatsApp mods in 2022. There are many other WhatsApp mods that are liked by many people but we have to select only 3 WhatsApp modified versions in order to provide you with the best information. See download any of the given WhatsApp mods on your android device according to your preference.

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